Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Ethics Articles


Stimulants in the Workplace
An exploration of the ethical issues raised by the increasing use of drugs for cognitive enhancement
Miriam Schulman
IPS Stem Cells: New Ethical Quandaries
Induced pluripotent stem cells raise questions about cloning, privacy, and informed consent
Sally Lehrman
Pharmacogenomics, Ethics, and Public Policy
How personalized medicine can develop in a way that promotes the good of both individuals and the broader society
Karen Peterson-Iyer
Personalized Medicine: The Ethics of Access
Pharmacogenomics sparks new therapeutic possibilities and new threats to the U.S. health care system.
Karen Peterson-Iyer
Future of Food: An Introduction to the Ethical Issues in Genetically Modified Foods
Center Director of Biotechnology and Health Care Ethics Margaret R. McLean looks at the future of genetically modified food.
Margaret R. McLean
Brief Case for the Moral Permissibility of Stem Cell Research
The central questions regarding the ethics of stem cell research are 2 in number: One, do embryos have any moral status, entities that deserve moral respect and are owed some duty? Two, if embryos have some moral status, what kind, or degree, of respect are they entitled to and what particular duties are they owed by moral agents?
Lawrence J. Nelson
Neuroethics: The Neuroscience Revolution, Ethics, and the Law
When science expands our understanding of something so central to human existence, these advances will necessarily cause changes in both our society and its laws. This paper seeks to forecast and explore the social and legal changes that neuroscience might bring in four areas: prediction, litigation, confidentiality and privacy, and patents.
Hank Greely
When What We Know Outstrips What We Can Do
Our genes contain information that scientists hope will help in the treatment of many diseases. Huntington's dissease provides a window on the choices we face as medicine increases our ability to intervene in human genetics.
Margaret R. McLean
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?
An exploration of the ethics of genetically modified foods.
Miriam Schulman
A Framework for Thinking Ethically About Human Biotechnology
Biotech innovations may eventually involve germ-line manipulation, the actions we take today may affect every future generation of human beings, making the coming generations stakeholders in our ethical analysis.
Margaret R. McLean
Transhumanism, Ethics, and the Internet
Report on the Transhuman Visions conference, focusing on the ethics of extending and enhancing human life.
Brian Green
A Call to Moral Theologians: Biotech Needs More Attention
Essay on a talk by William Hurlbut, former member of the President's Council on Bioethics, sponsored by the Ethics Center
Brian Green
Perspectives on Cognitive Enhancement
Hank Greely, professor of law at Stanford University, and the Emerging Issues Group at the Ethics Center look at the ethics of taking brain-boosting drugs.
Of SNPS, TRIPS, and Human Dignity: Ethics and Gene Patenting
Report on a Center conference about the law and ethics of gene patenting.
Miriam Schulman
Red Light, Green Light: The California Cloning and Stem Cell Laws
A report on California laws responding to the State's Advsiory Committee on Human Cloning.
Margaret R. McLean
Respecting What We Destroy
A framework for looking at the moral standing of stem cells.
Michael J. Meyer and Lawrence J. Nelson
Double or Nothing
A discussion of cloning from scientific, ethical, and religious perspectives.
Robins K. Sterns
California Cloning: The Ethics of Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research
Report on a Center conference on the state regulation of cloning.