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Ethical Uses of Collected Data
Now that big data is providing access to information that would not previously have been discovered, what are the ethical boundaries around companies? use of this data?
Margaret Steen
Ethics of Encryption
Balancing privacy with public safety in encryption
Margaret Steen
Board Diversity
An analysis of the reasons for the lack of minority representation on boards of directors
Margaret Steen
Business Ethics: The Delaware Perspective
The Honorable Jack Markell, governor of Delaware, explains his state's prominence in corporate law.
Margaret Steen
Executive Compensation
Are executives paid too much or what they're worth?
Margaret Steen
Ethical Tax Systems in a Global Economy
Are tax inversions fair?
Margaret Steen
Business Ethics in the 'Wild West' of Campaign Spending
Implications of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision for businesses
Margaret Steen
The Ethics of Working from Home
A panel discussion, "Economic, Ethical, and Legal Attributes of Working from Home," explores this growing trend.
Margaret Steen
Mindful Managers
James O'Toole describes mindful managers as capitalists who created profitable businesses but also had strong ethical compasses, respected others, and wanted to use their organizations to foster human development.
Margaret Steen
Building and Nurturing an Ethical Culture
An overview of what companies can do to promote ethics in the workplace by Albert C. Pierce.
Margaret Steen
Chinese Perspectives on Doing Business in China
Summary of a panel featuring Liu Baocheng, director of the Center for International Business Ethics
Margaret Steen
Western Perspectives on Business Practices in China
Summary of a panel featuring Chris Cooper, Deloitte; Carson Block, Muddywaters; and David Chen, Microsoft.
Margaret Steen
Building an Ethical Business Culture in China
Summary of a panel featuring Sheridan Tatsuno, Dreamscape Capital; Stanley Kwong, professor, USF; and Jacqueline Fan, Ernst & Young.
Margaret Steen
Ethics for Corporate Boards
Video conversations between former federal prosecutor Hank Shea and Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson on corporate governance
Role And Responsibilities of Ethics and Compliance Officers

Patrick Gnazzo and Kirk Hanson
Corporate Moral Responsibility and the Ethics of Product Usage
SCU Dirksen Professor in Ethics Manuel Velasquez discusses expanding notions of corporate responsibility for personal injury.
Anne Federwisch
Power and Ethics in the Executive Suite
A review of recent research on the effects of power and applications to the business world
Miriam Schulman
Role of the CEO in Building an Ethical Organization
Panel discussion featuring Radha Basu (SupportSoft), Ken Denman (Openwave Systems), Robert Ewald (SGI), Mark Lonergan (Lonergan Partners)
Miriam Schulman
Role of the CFO in the Ethical Culture of an Organization
The CFO can become an ambassador for ethics throughout a corporation.
Miriam Schulman
Perspectives on the Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors for Corporate Culture
A report on the best board practices delivered at the April 6-7, 2005 Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership Meeting
Vail Leadership Institute
Business Ethics in China
Stephan Rothlin, general secretary of the Center for International Business Ethics in Beijing, discusses Chinese approaches to corruption.
Miriam Schulman
24/7 Workplace Connectivity: A Hidden Ethical Dilemma
An exploration of the effect of digital technology on workers' health and relationships
Charles F. Piazza
Speaking Truth to Power: A White Paper
O'Toole, aresearch professor in the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California, explores how to encourage candor within organizations.
James O'Toole
Encouraging Internal Whistleblowing in Organizations
How can businesses encourage employees to report ethical lapses?
Lilanthi Ravishankar
Insider Trading: Law, Trust, and Prevention
A definition of and scenarios about insider training, plus suggestions about what businesses can do to discourage it
Ethics and the Middle Manager: Creating
Specific behaviors middle managers must demonstrate in order for lower level employees to understand that the organization is serious about ethics
Kirk O. Hanson
Roles and Responsibilities of the General Counsel in the Organization
Panel discussion among general counsels of large and small cap companies
Tom McCoy, Craig Nordlund, Martin Collins, Fred Go
Incorporating Ethics into the Organization's Strategic Plan
Robert Finocchio, former CEO of Informix, offers prescriptions for making ethics part of strategy
Miriam Schulman
Ethical Challenges in Human Resources
A talk given to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership
James O'Toole
Advice from Aristotle
Aristotle was a practical and business-oriented philosopher who defined principles in terms of the ethics of leadership.
James O'Toole
Creating an Ethical Culture in Silicon Valley and Beyond
Unique pressures on business ethics in Silicon Valley
Margaret Steen
Investigating Possible Wrongdoing: Internal vs. External Investigations
Best practices for companies investigating corruption and other violations
Margaret Steen
How Multitasking Affects Ethics
Clifford Nass discusses the long-term effects of multitasking and social networking on attention spans.
Margaret Steen
The Whistle-Blower's Quandary: Fairness or Loyalty
Different values motivate workers who blow the whistle and those who don't
James O'Toole
Cyber Security and the Obligations of Companies
Ken Baylor, an expert on IT security and regulatory compliance, addresses the reality of cyber security in 2013.
Margaret Steen
Privacy and Innovation
Travis LeBlanc, special assistant attorney general of California, and Irina Raicu, Internet Ethics Program Manager at the Ethics Center discuss whether privacy concerns must stifle innovation.
Margaret Steen
Nexus of the Law and Ethics
Joseph Grundfest, professor of law and business at the Stanford Law School, a key to ethical decision making is determining what is smart.
Legitimate Role of Whistleblowers in an Organization
Video of a conversation with Hank Shea, former federal prosecutor and professor of law at St. Thomas University
Hank Shea
When Things Go Wrong in China
Summary of a panel on the FCPA featuring Chris Forrester, Morrison & Foerster, and Randy Gausman, former CFO of Rae Systems
Margaret Steen
Lessons on Ethics and Compliance in China
Five takeaways from a meeting on Business Ethics in China
Margaret Steen
Patterns of Fraud in the Chinese Market
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Executive Director Kirk Hanson talks with Jacqueline Fan, a partner at Ernst & Young, about corruption, bribery, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. She identifies supply chain problems, financial statement fraud, and the rapid transition in the economy as ethical challenges when doing business in China.
Jacqueline Fan
U.S. and China: Are Their Values Really Different?
David Chen, vice president for China Legal and Corporate Affairs at Microsoft, and Kirk Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, discuss differing perspectives on intellectual property, piracy, and creating value.
David Chen
Identifying Fraudulent Companies in China
Carson Block, research director of Muddywaters, talks with Kirk O. Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics about ethical issues such as fraud, conflicts of interest, executive pay, and cozy relations with auditors and how these problems manifest in China.
Carson Block
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Case Study
Randall Gausman, former CFO of Rae Systems, talks with Kirk O. Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, about the steps he took when he became aware of FCPA violations in a joint venture with China.
Randall Gausman
Investigation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Against the background of financial scandals and the recent economic collapse, companies are under increasing scrutiny and are facing real risks in terms of regulatory action that can impair their ability to conduct business, according to Craig Martin, a partner at Morrison & Forester. Martin and Catherine Madrid, a partner at Ernst & Young, talk with Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson about the role of internal investigations as one of the affirmative steps companies can take to make sure they are in compliances with the law.
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Chief Legal Officer in the New Reality
The role of corporate counsel in the company's ethical culture
Miriam Schulman
Corporate Governance and Ethics: Conversations with the Delaware Court
Video interviews with justices from the Delaware Court of Chancery and Supreme Court
Ethical Risk Assessment: Crisis-prone or Crisis-prepared
Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson and SCU Assistant Professor of Management Shawn Berman describe a risk-assessment tool.
Anne Federwisch
Sustaining Ernst & Young's Ethical Culture
Susan Sweet describes EYs process developing their Americas ethics program for more than 35,000 employees in North, Central and South America, Mexico, Israel, and Canada.
Anne Federwisch
Reconstituting the Ethical Culture at Hewlett Packard
Summary of a presentation by Hewlett-Packard Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Jon Hoak on steps the company took to renew their commitment to ethics after the pretexting scandal.
Miriam Schulman
Business Ethics, Fiduciary Responsibilities, and the Law
A conversation with J. Travis Laster, vice chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery, about the fiduciary duties of corporations. Interviewed by Ethics Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson, Laster discusses the role of incorporation in regulating business, whether fiduciary responsibilities extend beyond the shareholders, and how the law can chart a middle course between managers and shareholders.
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Board Oversight of Compliance and Business Conduct Programs
Three different perspectives on setting the ethical tone of a company from the board level
W. Swenson, B. Finocchio, Jr., A. Muller, C.S. Par
Insolvency, Bankruptcy, and the Board
Practical suggestions for corporate board members on the ethical aspects of insolvency and bankruptcy
Tim Harris, partner, Morrison & Foerster
Taking Your Code to China
Why it is so difficult to apply Western companies' codes of conduct in China, and what the most successful companies are doing to make it work.
Kirk O. Hanson and Stephan Rothlin
Risk Oversight: A View From the Audit Committee
Video and PowerPoint slides from a presentation on risk
Robert Finocchio, Jim Balassone, et al
Internal Audit, Partner in Ethics
Chief legal officer of Millennium Management discusses making internal audit an integral part of an organization's ethical culture
Kirk Hanson, Simon Lorne
Fiduciary Duty vs. Shareholder Empowerment
A three part video interview on corporate governance issues with Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court Myron Steele
Myron Steele, Kirk Hanson
Managing Moral Responsibility for Product Use
Dirksen Professor of Business Ethics Manuel Velasquez asks the question, Is a company responsible for the uses to which customers put its products?
Miriam Schulman
Insider Trading Enforcement
A definition of insider trading and tips on preventing the problem
Miriam Schulman
Curbing Corruption Around the Globe
Summary of a presentation by Glenn Ware, chief investigative counselor for the World Bank, on the bank's Department of Institutional Integrity
Anne Federwisch
Encouraging Internal Whistleblowing (And More!)
An update on how organizations can set up mechanisms to identify wrongdoing
Carl R. Oliver and Francis J. Daly
Exploring Ethical Lapses During the Rite Aid Crisis
Former Rite Aid COO and interim CEO Timothy Noonan gives a frank account of an ethical lapse that he wished he had avoided
Anne Federwisch
Speaking Truth to Power: The Role of the Executive
James O'Toole argues that great leaders encourage candor.
Jennifer Pittman
Transformation of Work
Summary of a presentation by Edward Lawler highlighting findings from his book "The New American Workplace."
Anne Federwisch
Ethical Issues in the Financial Services Industry
Summary of a presentation by Ronald F. Duska and James A. Mitchell on the reasons for ethical lapses in the industry and some ways to protect against them.
Anne Federwisch
Assessing for Ethics
Dan Pracher, business development manager for Development Dimensions International, explores how to hire employees who mesh with the ethical culture of the organization.
Anne Federwisch
Unocal in Burma
Background to a suit in federal court alleging that members of a minority Burmese group had been subjected to relocation, forced labor, torture, murder, and rape on the Yadana pipeline project
Manuel Velasquez
Role of the Audit Committee in Business Ethics
Executives discuss how new standards are changing corporate governance
Tom McCoy, Marty Malone, Susan Wang, Nick Moore
CEOs: Setting the Ethical Tone
The role of the CEO in setting a company's ethical culture was the focus of a panel at the April 6 meeting of the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership, a program of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and 13 corporations.
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics