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Corporate Wrongdoing

Can a Business Have a Conscience?
Manuel Velasquez, Dirksen Professor of Business Ethics at SCU, discusses the moral responsibility of corporations.
Brian Green
Pondering Your Worst Nightmare to Aid Ethical Decision-Making
At the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership at Santa Clara University's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Boris Feldman helped participants explore the ethical problems that can arise in some particularly thorny situations.
Margaret Steen
Internal Investigations
Webinar from a panel at Skadden Arps on the most effective strategies for handling ? and successfully resolving ? government inquiries and internal investigations.
Financial Professionals and Fairness
The tug of war over values in the aftermath of the financial crisis
The Whistle-Blower?s Quandary: Fairness or Loyalty
Different values motivate workers who blow the whistle and those who don't
James O'Toole
Anatomy of a White Collar Crime
Former Federal Prosecutor Hank Shea talks with Steve Brown, a Missouri state legislator who lost his seat and his law license for a conspiracy to obstruct justice.
Margaret Steen
Nexus of the Law and Ethics
Joseph Grundfest, professor of law and business at the Stanford Law School, a key to ethical decision making is determining what is smart.
Coming to Grips with Guilt
A white collar felon describes how arrogance, greed, and resentment led to his crime.
Mark Faris, Hank Shea, Kirk O. Hanson
Ethics of Business: Where and Why It Can Go Wrong
Video interview of Center Executive Director Kirk Hanson about cycles of ethical crises in business and what business schools can do to promote ethical behavior in students. From the Cranfield School of Management
Kirk Hanson interviewed by Frank Horwitz
Whistle Blowing: The Good, the Bad, and...
Michael Winston describes his experience as a whistle blower at Countrywide in an interview with Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson
Kirk Hanson
Insider Trading Enforcement
A definition of insider trading and tips on preventing the problem
Miriam Schulman
Stopping Corporate Fraud
Joseph Grundfest, former SEC commissioner, addresses the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership.
Miriam Schulman
Criminologists Needed
A criminologist's look at financial scandals.
William K. Black
Where are honest business leaders when this country needs them?
Can Americans really count on the ethics of the nation's business leaders to protect the average investor?
Rob Elder
What Really Went Wrong With Enron? A Culture of Evil?
A panel of Santa Clara University Business Ethicists reflect on the reasons behind the Enron scandal.
Business Ethicists Panel
Lessons from the Enron Scandal
An interview with Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson.
Kirk O. Hanson
Enron: What Ever Happened to Going Down with the Ship?
The responsibility of executives for company failures.
Miriam Schulman
Enron: We Slept Through Class
Lessons on ethics from the S&L debacle of the 1980s are being relearned--painfully--in recent financial scandals.
William K. Black
Link Between Moral and Market Values
Market value accounting and fraud.
William K. Black
Encouraging Internal Whistleblowing in Organizations
How can businesses encourage employees to report ethical lapses?
Lilanthi Ravishankar
Surviving a Federal Criminal Investigation
PowerPoint presentation on FBI investigations of white collar crime.
Jeffrey Bornstein, Tamara Neiman
Curbing Corruption Around the Globe
Summary of a presentation by Glenn Ware, chief investigative counselor for the World Bank, on the bank's Department of Institutional Integrity
Anne Federwisch
Encouraging Internal Whistleblowing (And More!)
An update on how organizations can set up mechanisms to identify wrongdoing
Carl R. Oliver and Francis J. Daly
Control Fraud at Rite Aid
The executive director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention discusses what went wrong at Rite Aid (pdf)
William Black
Exploring Ethical Lapses During the Rite Aid Crisis
Former Rite Aid COO and interim CEO Timothy Noonan gives a frank account of an ethical lapse that he wished he had avoided
Anne Federwisch
Identifying and Investigating Fraud and Corruption
A presentation on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other international anti-corruption laws
Bob Mattson and Craig Martin, Partners, Morrison &
Insider Trading: Law, Trust, and Prevention
A definition of and scenarios about insider training, plus suggestions about what businesses can do to discourage it
Reducing the Risk of White Collar Crime (video)
Former federal prosecutor discusses preventing corporate wrongdoing
Hank Shea
Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Federal Monitors
Panelists discuss their role in white collar prosecutions and as federal monitors
B. Prachar, L. Caldwell, B. Schwartz, W. Swenson,
Ethical Issues in the Financial Services Industry
Summary of a presentation by Ronald F. Duska and James A. Mitchell on the reasons for ethical lapses in the industry and some ways to protect against them.
Anne Federwisch
Culture Suggests Cheaters Do Prosper
Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson looks at the results of Americans' winner-take-all attitude.
Kirk O. Hanson
Confronting Unethical Conduct
Ethics for associations and nonprofit organizations.
Kirk O. Hanson
An Open Letter to the SEC Chairman Harvery Pitt
A critique of Pitt's leadership.
William K. Black
An Open Letter to the
Stronger regulation is in the best interest of auditing companies.
William K. Black
Bush's Role in Corporate Fraud
George W. Bush and Harken.
William K. Black and James Galbraith
When Good People Do Bad Things at Work
Rote behavior, distractions, and moral exclusion stymie ethical behavior on the job. Discusses Ford Pinto case.
Dennis J. Moberg