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Corporate Social Responsibility

Trends in Corporate Governance
Stakeholders, diversity, and right relations are on the minds of people minding corporations.
Ann Skeet
Ethical Tax Systems in a Global Economy
Are tax inversions fair?
Margaret Steen
Business Ethics in the 'Wild West' of Campaign Spending
Implications of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision for businesses
Margaret Steen
The Ethics of Exploiting Tax Loopholes
Firms have gotten more and more savvy at finding ways to legally pay less in taxes. Are they obligated to follow the "spirit of the law," or legality the only consideration?
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
Social Entrepreneurship and the Triple Bottom Line
Video defining social entrepreneurship and its relationship to ethics
Radha Basu
Corporate Moral Responsibility and the Ethics of Product Usage
SCU Dirksen Professor in Ethics Manuel Velasquez discusses expanding notions of corporate responsibility for personal injury.
Anne Federwisch
Retraining vs. Hiring Aborad
Do tech firms have an obligation to hire Americans over foreign talent?
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
Safety, Corporate Responsibility, and the Oil Spill
Lessons from the oil spill on managing corporate behavior
Kirk O. Hanson
From Synchilla to School Support
Outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia is recognized for corporate responsibility.
Lisa Gardiner
Winery With a Mission
Fetzer Vineyards exhibits attention to sustainability and workers' quality of life.
Miriam Schulman