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Creating an Ethical Culture

The Business Case for Mindfulness
Summary of a presentation by Oli Mittermair on the advantages and downsides of mindfulness practices in the workplace
Patrick Coutermarsh
Should Part-Time Workers Have a Say on Their Schedules?
Should employers pay employees extra for on-call work and give two weeks? notice of a work schedule? Are employers obligated to factor in their employees? family and personal lives into their bottom line business decisions?
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
Creating an Ethical Culture as CFO
In a presentation entitled "Role and Responsibilities of the CFO in the Ethical Culture of the Organization," three panelists discussed how to create a culture that will encourage employees to withstand the pressure to falsify financial records.
Margaret Steen
The Pitfalls of Performance-Based Pay
A recent U.K. court ruling on an incentive structure that led to illegal sales tactics and numerous conflicts of interest sparks a discussion on the pitfalls of performance-based pay.
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
The Unavoidable Ethical Dilemmas That Entrepreneurs Face
Predictable ethical questions that arise in startups
Building and Nurturing an Ethical Culture
An overview of what companies can do to promote ethics in the workplace by Albert C. Pierce.
Margaret Steen
Role And Responsibilities of Ethics and Compliance Officers
Differences between ethics and compliance and best practices for executives
Patrick Gnazzo and Kirk Hanson
Role of the CFO in the Ethical Culture of an Organization
The CFO can become an ambassador for ethics throughout a corporation.
Miriam Schulman
Speaking Truth to Power: A White Paper
O'Toole, aresearch professor in the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California, explores how to encourage candor within organizations.
James O'Toole
Encouraging Internal Whistleblowing in Organizations
How can businesses encourage employees to report ethical lapses?
Lilanthi Ravishankar
Ethics and the Middle Manager: Creating
Specific behaviors middle managers must demonstrate in order for lower level employees to understand that the organization is serious about ethics
Kirk O. Hanson
Roles and Responsibilities of the General Counsel in the Organization
Panel discussion among general counsels of large and small cap companies
Tom McCoy, Craig Nordlund, Martin Collins, Fred Go
Toward an Ethical Culture
Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson identifies characteristics of an ethical organization.
Anne Federwisch
Principles for Building an Ethical Organization
R. Gopalakrishnan, executive director of Tata Sons, offers five principles for executives.
Miriam Schulman
Incorporating Ethics into the Organization's Strategic Plan
Robert Finocchio, former CEO of Informix, offers prescriptions for making ethics part of strategy
Miriam Schulman
Ethical Challenges in Human Resources
A talk given to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership
James O'Toole
Confronting Unethical Conduct
Ethics for associations and nonprofit organizations.
Kirk O. Hanson
When Good People Do Bad Things at Work
Rote behavior, distractions, and moral exclusion stymie ethical behavior on the job. Discusses Ford Pinto case.
Dennis J. Moberg
Good Start
How businesses can incorporate ethics from the start-up phase.
Kirk O. Hanson
Bezos Is Clear about Amazon's Culture
Ethical Leadership Requires Setting Goals and Values.
Ann Skeet
Creating an Ethical Culture in Silicon Valley and Beyond
Unique pressures on business ethics in Silicon Valley
Margaret Steen
When Do Startups Have to Grow Up and Embrace Diversity?
Do startups get a "pass" on creating diversity in their rapidly growing staffs? If so, for how long? Second, at what point do startups owe the public transparency about their worker diversity?
Should Executives be allowed to be on Social Media?
A recent incident involving PayPal and a disgruntled (and former) executive prompts an evaluation of corporate thinking on social media.
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
The Board's Role in an Ethical Culture
A video conversation on tone at the top.
Jim Balassone, Catherine Lego
Paying Employees to Quit
Paying dissatisfied employees to quit is becoming increasingly common. Is this a policy that should be embraced?
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
Rethinking Corporate Policy Toward Whistleblowers
In light of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations: should companies leave room for principled whistleblowing on specific issues?
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
The Six Ethical Dilemmas Every Business Professional Faces
Video of a talk delivered at Bentley University as the Verizon Visiting Professor of Business Ethics address
Kirk O. Hanson
Transforming An Organization's Ethical Culture
Video interview with Greg Coplans, executive vide president of Hitachi Data Systems
Legitimate Role of Whistleblowers in an Organization
Video of a conversation with Hank Shea, former federal prosecutor and professor of law at St. Thomas University
Hank Shea
Investigation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Against the background of financial scandals and the recent economic collapse, companies are under increasing scrutiny and are facing real risks in terms of regulatory action that can impair their ability to conduct business, according to Craig Martin, a partner at Morrison & Forester. Martin and Catherine Madrid, a partner at Ernst & Young, talk with Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson about the role of internal investigations as one of the affirmative steps companies can take to make sure they are in compliances with the law.
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Ethical Risk Assessment: Crisis-prone or Crisis-prepared
Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson and SCU Assistant Professor of Management Shawn Berman describe a risk-assessment tool.
Anne Federwisch
Sustaining Ernst & Young's Ethical Culture
Susan Sweet describes EYs process developing their Americas ethics program for more than 35,000 employees in North, Central and South America, Mexico, Israel, and Canada.
Anne Federwisch
Reconstituting the Ethical Culture at Hewlett Packard
Summary of a presentation by Hewlett-Packard Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Jon Hoak on steps the company took to renew their commitment to ethics after the pretexting scandal.
Miriam Schulman
Internal Audit, Partner in Ethics
Chief legal officer of Millennium Management discusses making internal audit an integral part of an organization's ethical culture
Kirk Hanson, Simon Lorne
What Really Went Wrong With Enron? A Culture of Evil?
A panel of Santa Clara University Business Ethicists reflect on the reasons behind the Enron scandal.
Business Ethicists Panel
Link Between Moral and Market Values
Market value accounting and fraud.
William K. Black
Speaking Truth to Power: The Role of the Executive
James O'Toole argues that great leaders encourage candor.
Jennifer Pittman
Assessing for Ethics
Dan Pracher, business development manager for Development Dimensions International, explores how to hire employees who mesh with the ethical culture of the organization.
Anne Federwisch
CEOs: Setting the Ethical Tone
The role of the CEO in setting a company's ethical culture was the focus of a panel at the April 6 meeting of the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership, a program of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and 13 corporations.
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Culture Suggests Cheaters Do Prosper
Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson looks at the results of Americans' winner-take-all attitude.
Kirk O. Hanson
Employee Loyalty
A company founder talks about employee loyalty in boom times.
an interview with Cheryl Breetwor
Ethics and Company Folklore
One of the co-founders of Apple Computer talks about instilling ethics into company culture.
How Trust is Achieved in Free Markets
A free-market approach to establishing reliability.
Daniel B. Klein