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The Case of the Questionable Campaign Photo
A candidate uses a controversial photo in a campaign brochure.
Hana Callaghan
Campaign Ethics: Perspectives from Political Experts
November 15, 2013, meeting of the Public Sector Roundtable
Ethical Issues for Political Candidates
Concerns for voters and pointers for candidates on how to run an ethical campaign from experienced political consultants
Carrie Jaffe-Pickett
Why do candidates lie?
How citizens can hold candidates to higher standards of honesty
Judy Nadler
Transparency, Trust, and Campaign Finance
FPPC Chair Ann Ravel explores the impact of Citizens United on campaign finance in California
Miriam Schulman
Transparency, Trust, and Campaig Finance: A Talk by Ann Ravel (Podcast)
Chair of California's Fair Political Practices Commission Ann Ravel argues that anonymous campaign contributions keep voters from being able to assess candidate's claims.
Ann Ravel
When Is a Contribution a Bribe?
A popular local businesswoman and philanthropist is found guilty of "pay to play" contributions to the mayor's reelection campaign. Should charities still accept her contributions?
Judy Nadler
Election Irregularities
A newly elected mayor decides whether to contest a citation for election code violations.
Roey Rahmil
On the Record
What is a former supervisor's duty to reveal about past poor judgments by a candidate for public office.
Roey Rahmil
Campaign Ethics
An introduction to campaign ethics including ethical dilemmas, cases, and links
Judy Nadler and Miriam Schulman
The Candidate's Crisis of Conscience
A candidate for city council must decide how frank to be in endorsement interviews.
Judy Nadler
Campaign Ethics and Voter Guidelines
Materials on campaign ethics prepared in conjunction with the city of Livermore, Calif.
Judy Nadler
Campaign Ethics Challenge
A candidate faces a last-minute attack from an opponent.
Judy Nadler
Ethical Considerations for Candidates and Their Supporters
The task of raising money for a political campaign can be so overwhelming that many qualified individuals don't run for office simply because they don't want to ask for money. Here are some ethical considerations to consider in fundraising for your campaign, or on someone else's behalf.
Judy Nadler
Campaign Ethics: Considerations for Candidates and Their Supporters
Key issues related to fundraising, communications, and campaign conduct
Judy Nadler