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Ethics and War

Integrity and Ethical Leadership
General Anthony M. Taguba, US Army retired, author of an internal U.S. Army report on abuse of detainees held at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, talks with Kirk O. Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University
Kirk Hanson
Dilemma of Iraq
Former White House Chief of Staff and member of the Iraq Study Group Leon Panetta discusses how to stabilize Iraq and stop polarization at home.
Suruchi Bhutani
Time for a Unifying National Debate on the 'War on Terror'
A look at the ethical implications of rhetoric about combatting terrorism.
David DeCosse
Ethics of U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq
An exploration of the potential consequences of withdrawal for the U.S. military, for Iraqis, and for world stability.
Peter Minowitz
Responsibility and the 'War on Terror'
How, ethically, did the United States get to where we are now in the conflict with Islamic terrorists? And where, ethically, do we go from here?
David DeCosse
Bomb is ticking; do you OK torture?
Who is responsible for prisoner abuse in Iraq? Is there ever a time when torture is acceptable?
Rob Elder
Shopping for Non-violence
Non-violence is often considered impractical, but using selections from Mahatma Gandhi's "Love Versus War and Dictators," Ms. Bignell presents non-violence as the more desirable path to follow.
Katie Bignell
Who are the insurgents?
If the Iraqis are the insurgents, how come we're the ones shooting up their country and trying to get them to adopt our kind of government?
Rob Elder
Totaling Up; It Was an Unjust War
Application of just war principles to the war in Iraq.
David DeCosse
Freedom, Part II, Is The Hardest
Rebuilding Iraq should be a priority.
Rob Elder
Where are the questions about war and ethics?
An analysis of the decision to go to war with Iraq.
Rob Elder
Can You Hear Me Now? Marketing a War With Iraq
Should war be sold like toothpaste?
Miriam Schulman
Racial Profiling in an Age of Terrorism
Chief Deputy Attorney General of California Peter Siggins discusses the ethical and legal aspects of profiling in the context of national security concerns.
Peter Siggins
Killing in the Name of God: The Problem of Holy War
A look at war in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions.
David Perry
Privacy vs. Security
The Center's Framework for Ethical Decision making is applied to privacy vs. security concerns in the wake of the terrorist attacks.
Bharath Krishnamurthy
Difficult Decisions: Ethical Issues for the American Media in Times of National Crisis
How media managers should exercise freedom of the press in war time.
Rob Elder
Free Speech and Decorum: Some Thoughts on How We Talk About Terrorism
Is free speech the only principle to consider in covering the terrorist attacks?
Miriam Schulman
Ethical Issues in Counterterrorism Warfare
Applying just war theory to the war against terrorism.
Martin Cook
Osama bin Laden and the Duty to Forgive
Christian ethics requires that we learn to love our enemies through spiritual practices.
William Spohn
Repugnant Philosophy: Ethics, Espionage, and Covert Action
Substantive ethical analysis of intelligence operations
David Perry