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Are Tech Firms Responsible for the Misuse of Their Products?
Do technology firms have an obligation beyond compliance to prevent their products from being used to further human rights violations?
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
Mobile Technology and Social Media - Ethical Implications
In emerging markets in particular, mobile devices and social media have become ?life tools??used for telemedicine, banking, education, communication, and more. These developments give rise to new ethical challenges.
Radha Basu
Sustainable Design in Ghana: An Ethical Reflection
Report on a student project to design an affordable, durable, sustainable, and socially acceptable house for Ghana
Nathan Rogers, SCU '12, and Matt Jensen, SCU '12
New Design for Haiti
SCU engineering students develop potential solution to housing problems
Global Humanitarian Crises and the Role of Catholic Universities
The director of campus ethics at the Center looks at the many ways--from service to grappling with profound questions like How can a good God permit such suffering?
David DeCosse
More Than I Could Ever Describe: Gender, Culture, India
An SCU student spends a year living in an orphanage in India
Sarah Bradley
Is the Common Good Still Possible?
Podcast of a May 12, 2010, talk by Peter Schrag, former editorial page editor and columnist, The Sacramento Bee
Peter Schrag
The Case of the Million Dollar Decision
A company is planning to expand in a country where bribery is a normal part of doing business.
Michael Hackworth, Thomas Shanks
Haiti, Chile, and the Challenge of Humanitarian Disasters: A Hands-On View From Catholic Relief Serv
Podcast of a May 6, 2010, talk by Paul Miller of Catholic Relief Services
Paul Miller
Torture: Is the Ticking Bomb Scenario the Right Approach
Transcript of a discussion on torture in the Center's Emerging Issues Group
Open and Notorious: Adverse Possession and Immigration Reform
An application of the legal concept of adverse possession to the immigration debate
Timothy J. Lukes and Minh T. Hoang
Immigration: Where Do We Go From Here?
Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano participates in a day of events at SCU focused on immigration and ethics.
On Ethics and Immigration
Arizona Governor looks at ethical issues in developing policy on illegal immigration.
Janet Napolitano
Politicization of Ethnic Identities and the Common Good in Kenya
A talk delivered for the panel "Kenya, the Common Good, and the Politicization of Ethnic Identities"
Aquiline Tarimo, S.J.
National Apologies
The February 2008 apology from the Australian parliament to Aboriginal people forms the basis for lessons on stepping forward to right historical wrongs.
Frank Brennan, SJ
To Cover or Not to Cover: Headscarves and Human Rights
Do women have the right to express their own religious views by choosing either to wear or not to wear a headscarf?
Roujin Mozaffarimehr
Center Receives Gift for Immigration Ethics Project
Agnieszka Winkler and Art Lund donate $25,000 to support program.
Immigration Policy and Principles of Humanity
Bill Ong Hing analyzes why immigrants come to the United States and ways to integrate immigrants.
Suruchi Bhutani
Ethics of Migration and Immigration
A briefing paper on key questions for policy makers
Lynette M. Parker
Ethics of Immigration
Columnist Victor Davis Hanson discusses who benefits from illegal immigration, why the issue is so polarizing, and possible solutions.
Suruchi Bhutani
Economic Empowerment of Women
A look at the factors affecting women's economic situation worldwide, the benefits of empowerment, and strategies for achieving it.
Almaz Negash
Ethics of Immigration and Migration Project Receives Grant
The Bustos/Lopez Family Fund donates seed money for new Global Leadership and Ethics project.
Global Ethics Director Addresses Women World Leaders
Almaz Negash speaks on Educating Women and Children
Educating Women and Children: A Moral Imperative
PowerPoint Presentation on the global problem and approaches to a solution.
Almaz Negash
Evolution of Human Rights Norms and Machinery
Bertrand G. Ramcharan, former United Nations High Commissioner, offers his perspectives on the evolution of human rights norms and machinery.
Bertrand G. Ramcharan
Sudan and Darfur
Bibliography of works by the president of the Sudan Studies Association and associate professor of economics at SCU Michael Kevane.
Michael Kevane
Human Rights and Human Responsibilities in the Age of Terrorism
A talk by the former Australian prime minister
Malcolm Fraser
Global Ethic and Human Responsibility
Kung argues that common values and standards underlie all religions. Human responsibilities reinforce human rights.
Hans Kung
Response to Hans Kung's Remarks on Global Ethic and Human Responsibilites
An argument against the creation of a Declaration of Human Responsibilities.
Kathleen Mahoney
Immigration: Should the Rules Change?
From the 2005-06 National Ethics Agenda, a look at immigration in an age of terrorism.
Ethics Center Emerging Issues Group
Building Democracies in Africa
Former Botswana president discusses country's success and implications for the region.
Ketumile Masire
Former Botswana President Addresses Building Democracies in Africa
Ketumile Masire discusses Botswana's success and possible applications to the challenges facing Africa.
Value Issues in Transatlantic Relations
Former French Foreign Minister Jean Francois-Poncet discusses how different value perspectives affect cooperation between the United States and Europe.
Jean Francois-Poncet
Geoffrey Canada
Geoffrey Canada's biography.
Architects of peace
Online Curriculum spotlights peacemakers
SCU Debuts Peace Award and Curriculum
Mary Robinson and Marla Ruzicka named Architects of Peace
World's Religions: Common Ethical Values
This talk was delivered March 31, 2005, at the opening of the Exhibit on the World's Religions at Santa Clara University.
Hans Kung
Human Rights and Human Responsibilities: Closing Remarks by Malcolm Fraser
Malcolm Fraser's closing remarks from the symposium "Human Rights and Human Responsibility."
Malcolm Fraser
Human Rights and Human Responsibilities: Closing Remarks by Abdul Salam Majali
Abdul Salam Majali's closing remarks from the symposium "Human Rights and Human Responsibility."
Abdul Salam Majali
Ethics of Governance
Jamil Mahuad's presentation at the symposium "The Ethics of Governance."
Jamil Mahuad
Responsibility and the 'War on Terror'
How, ethically, did the United States get to where we are now in the conflict with Islamic terrorists? And where, ethically, do we go from here?
David DeCosse
Humanitarian Interventions: Asking the Right Questions
What justifies humanitarian intervention?
Almaz Negash
Global Labor Rights and the End of the Multifiber Arrangement
Universities must decide whether to allow logo items to be made in countries that don't protect workers.
Miriam Schulman
William P. Laughlin Lectures on Global Leadership and Ethics
A series of presentations by world leaders in various fields to advance the understanding of the role of ethics in international relations, to encourage global leaders to speak forcefully and effectively regarding ethical issues in global affairs, and to create an informed and productive dialogue on global leadership and ethics at Santa Clara University.
Catastrophe In Darfur Six Months After It Should Have Ended
The conflict in Darfur is explained and suggestions for ending the crisis are offered.
Michael Kevane
Justice, Security, and Peace: A Paradox of Values Preventing Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Based on conversations in Jerusalem with Palestinians and Israelis, the author examines how the paradox of the values of justice and security prevents peace.
William James Stover, Ph.D.
Salvadoran Migration: The Business of Crossing the Border
An SCU student looks at why people leave El Salvador.
Jennifer Re
Heads of State Issue Communique on Pressing Humanitarian Concerns
Leaders of the Center's Global Ethics Program attend InterAction Council plenary.
Plight of Children
Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson addresses the InterAction Council.
Kirk O. Hanson
Role of Religion in Global Ethical Leadership
Religious leaders can serve as primary ethical brokers for their societies; that is, individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, or coalitions of organizations which are recognized by the majority of a society to be articulating the primary ethical concerns of that society.
Eric Hanson
Problem of Global Moral Leadership
A lawyer looks at the issues through the lens of comparative constitutional law.
Jiri Toman
Difficulties of Being a Moral Leader in an Unjust World
A real moral leader will hold us to an agenda that demands ridding the world of all important injustices, particularly those from which we benefit.
Jim Sterba
Sudan's Civil War and Darfur
Scholars from around the United States who specialize in Sudan gathered to discuss how the world community can intervene to provide adequate protection to the people of Darfur and noted the importance of immediate action by world leaders against genocide and ethnic cleansing.
Almaz Negash
International Ethical Challenges for New European Union Constitution
In light of ten new members joining the European Union and to provide insight into the international ethical challenges faced by the Union, Pierre de Charentenay, S.J. described the complicated European Union constitution focusing on the aspects of the number of votes, number of commissioners, politics, and competencies at the Union and at national levels.
Almaz Negash
2003 Communique on Collective Responsibility (pdf)
Last IAC communique on collective responsibilty global peace, sustainable development and nuclear proliferation.
UN Official Discusses Restitution of Cultural Property
Guido Carducci, Chief of the International Standards Section of UNESCO, addressed the role of law and ethics in the return of stolen or "discovered" art and heritage objects.
Almaz Negash
Can Dictators Be Forgiven?: Political Change in Facing the Past
A panel on transitional justice.
Jane Curry and Robert Meister
Russian Hostage Rescue Shows the Danger of 'non-lethal' Weapons
Ethical issues in the deployment of supposedly non-lethal weapons.
Margaret R. McLean and S.L. Bachman
Racial Profiling in an Age of Terrorism
Chief Deputy Attorney General of California Peter Siggins discusses the ethical and legal aspects of profiling in the context of national security concerns.
Peter Siggins
National Ethics Agenda
The Ethics Agenda was developed by the Emerging Issues Program of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Through this program, the Center provides timely analysis and opinion on ethical issues in the news.
Elder, Hanson, Schulman, McLean, Perry, Carbone
When Cultural Values Clash with Universal Rights: Is Multiculturalsim Bad for Women?
Cultural norms around marriage, divorce, and privacy may conflict with women's human rights.
Susan Moller Okin
Extra Mile
Hospitality in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Miriam Schulman and Amal Barkouki-Winter
Strangers into Friends
A group of Bay Area Jews, Muslims, and Christian Arabs meet to bridge differences.
Miriam Schulman and Amal Barkouki-Winter
Neighbor to the Assassin: Transitional Justice in Guatemala
Varying approaches to moving from civil war to civil society in Guatemala.
Miriam Schulman
Hope and Psychological Space in Guatemala
A member of the SCU faculty reflects on an immersion experience in Guatemala.
Timothy Urdan
When Rights and Cultures Collide
The case of a woman seeking refuge in the United States from her tribe's ritual of female genital mutilation raises the question: Are human rights universal?
Karen Musalo
Guatemala: Another Kind of Justice
SCU faculty trip to Guatemala spurs ethical reflection.
James Reites, S.J., and Don Dodson
Immigration: Is Exclusion Just?
Ethics and illegal immigration.
Manuel Velasquez
Is Exclusion Just: Martin Cook Replies
A reply to Manuel Velasquez's article on illegal immigration.
Martin Cook
Higher Authority
Conflicts between ethics and law are explored in the context of illegal immigration.
Karen Musalo
Global Distribution of AIDS Pharmaceuticals
Ethical issues in the distribution of AIDS drugs, especially in the developing world.
David Perry
Killing in the Name of God: The Problem of Holy War
A look at war in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions.
David Perry
The Case of Maria Elena
What are the ethical questions involved when a person finds out that an undocumented immigrant is working in their home?
Thomas Shanks
Just War Theory Calls for Restraint: Stop the Starvation, Win the War
An application of just war principles to the war in Iraq.
Rob Elder
Ethics in International Economics: The WTO, NAFTA, the IMF, and the World Bank
Transcript of a radio interview.
Michael Kevane
The Case of Wu
What are the ethical questions involved when asked to help out an illegal immigrant in desperate need of help?
Thomas Shanks
Ethical Issues in Counterterrorism Warfare
Applying just war theory to the war against terrorism.
Martin Cook
We Must Stand Up for the Innocent while Demanding Justice
A reflection on the internment of the Japanese in World War II and its implications for the treatment of other foreign nationals in war time.
James Purcell
The Case of the Plant Relocation
Your company can make more money for shareholders by relocating plants to a country with low costs and fewer regulations.
Karen Musalo
Democracy Promotion
Podcast of a panel discussion on whether the United States should promote democracy abroad
Cynthia Boaz, Jane Curry, Farid Senzai,