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Data Journalism Ethics
Proceedings from a panel at the Investigative Reporters and Editors 2014 conference
Should Journalists Advocate Critical Thinking and News Literacy?
Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation argues that new media do a better job than old of protecting journalistic values such as accuracy, objectivity, and depth
Sue Gardner
Unavoidable Ethical Dilemmas for Digital Journalists
Challenges for online media in the areas of newsgathering, accountability, transparency, metrics, and inclusion
Sally Lehrman
Digital Journalism Ethics
Materials on the role of media in the public square, media literacy, diversity, accuracy, and other topics in digital journalism
Digital Journalism Ethics Resources for Newsrooms and Classrooms
Videos, articles, and questions about online journalism ethics for use by teachers and trainers
Ethics Tips for Data Journalists
Suggestions for integrity-checking data journalism
Who Can Deliver the Journalism We Need in the Digital Public Square?
A historical review of media independence and the impact of digital technology on journalism
Todd Gitlin
The Future of Digital Journalism in the Public Square
The head of Google News looks at how the openness of new media present opportunities for a better informed public
Richard Gingras
Cultivating Diversity Across Race, Class, Gender, Generation, and Geography
Media diversity must include race, class, gender, generation, and geography.
Martin Reynolds
Curating and Promoting News Important to Civil Society
The director of Editorial Operations at Yahoo! explores what readers want to know and what they need to know
Anthony Moor
Can Technical Solutions Protect Free and Informed Debate in the Public Square?
The chief knowledge officer of the MIT Media Lab demonstrates projects addressing media literacy, crowd-sourced and database journalism.
Henry Holzman
The Disconnect: Accountability and Consequences Online
A discussion of the breakdown among responsibility, accountability, and consequences in the online world, as demonstrated by some digital media coverage.
Stephen Luczo
The Need for Accuracy Online
There's a gap between what Internet users expect to receive (i.e. factual and accurate information) and what they too often get instead. Is it the user's responsibility to judge which sources to access on the Web? Do the publishers have a duty to strive to be accurate?
Present and Future of Social Networking
A panel exploring the ethical and social implications of social networking technology.
John Squires, Kaitlin Thompson, Shannon Vallor, Ma
Ethics Codes and Other Resources for Journalists
Bibliography of online resources
Why News Media Must Embrace Online Rules
Online news outlets face ethical challenges when they invite public commentary
Edward Wasserman