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Are You a Hysteric or a Sociopath?
We need to be able to discuss privacy without charged rhetoric making the debate even more difficult.
Irina Raicu
Privacy in the Age of Facebook
The amount and kinds of information that people post on Facebook do not mean that people don't care about privacy.
Irina Raicu
Cookies and Privacy
An ?experiment? to show that people do care about privacy
Irina Raicu
Big Data; Small Politics
A discussion of algorithmic regulation and its pitfalls
Evgeny Morozov
The Internet of Things
The ethical implications of the rise of "The Internet of Things," the "Sensor Revolution," or "The Programmable World"
Owen Tripp
Protecting Privacy and Society
Consumer and business data is increasingly moving to the "cloud," and people are clamoring for protection of that data. However, "maximum privacy" is really anonymity, and some people use it as a shield for illegal and unethical behavior. How should cloud service providers deal with this dilemma?
Steve Bennett
The Right to Be Forgotten co-founder Own Tripp discusses the long life of information online and its repercussions. Response by Evan Selinger, associate professor of philosophy, Rochester Institute of Technology.
Owen Tripp
Defining Privacy
A definition of privacy as a right
Irina Raicu
Loss of Online Privacy: What's the Harm?
Loss of Online Privacy: What's the Harm?
Irina Raicu
Ethics of Online Privacy Protection
Balancing benefits and harms of Internet privacy
Irina Raicu
What is Privacy?
Definitions of privacy and informational privacy
Michael McFarland, S.J.
Why We Care About Privacy
The importance of privacy for human dignity, autonomy, and relationships
Michael McFarland, S.J.
Ethical Implications of Data Aggregation
The ability to amass enormous quantities of data on individuals impacts privacy
Michael McFarland, S.J.
The Right to Be Forgotten or the Right to Edit
A ruling by the European Court of Justice sparks an international discussion of whether people have the right to eliminate items about themselves from search engine results.
Irina Raicu
Responsible Innovation in the Age of Big Data
Confessions of a "recovering" data broker
James Adler
Respecting User Privacy Despite Profiting From It
Given the value of "big data" to Google, company managers face a dilemma in determining where to draw the line between data they should collect and data that violates privacy.
Kirk Hanson and Patrick Coutermarsh
Privacy and Innovation
Travis LeBlanc, special assistant attorney general of California, and Irina Raicu, Internet Ethics Program Manager at the Ethics Center discuss whether privacy concerns must stifle innovation.
Margaret Steen
The Ethical Dilemma of BYOD
As people increasingly bring their own (mostly mobile) devices into the workplace, and use them for both personal and professional activities, new challenges arise--for the employees as well as their employers. Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of VMware, discusses some of the implications of BYOD for data security and personal privacy.
Pat Gelsiger
Privacy Tradeoffs Online
NetApp's Executive Chairman Dan Warmenhoven discusses the development of GPS-tracking technology and the ethical issues associated with the aggregation of GPS data into large databases.
Dan Warmenhoven
Privacy Protection: A Quiz
How much do you know about privacy? Try this quiz.
Berkeley Center for Law and Technology
Are Attitudes About Privacy Changing?
Multi-generational approaches to privacy
Irina Raicu
Information About You = $
How Internet companies provide personal data to advertisers
Irina Raicu
How To Protect Your Online Privacy
Tips and links
Irina Raicu
Human Cost of Computer Errors
Inaccurate databases harm consumers
Michael McFarland, S.J.
Unauthorized Transmission and Use of Personal Data
Ethical problems with using data for purposes other than the original
Michael McFarland, S.J.
Data Matching: Some Ethical Considerations
Lack of due process and consent raise problems
Michael McFarland, S.J.
Privacy and Balancing Institutional Power With Individual Freedom
Monitoring of citizens by government and employees by employers threatens individual rights
Michael McFarland, S.J.
Privacy and the Law
A review of common law privacy protection, the Constitutional right to privacy, and privacy legislation
Michael McFarland, S.J.
Privacy Norms
Guidelines on protecting individual privacy
Michael McFarland, S.J.