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How Multitasking Affects Ethics
Clifford Nass discusses the long-term effects of multitasking and social networking on attention spans.
Margaret Steen
Online Business Ethics Course
Business ethics pioneer Kirk Hanson offers a free, 4-week MOOC
Kirk O. Hanson
Uncomfortable Attention From a Supervisor
The vice president of a woman's firm reaches out to her on social media and invites her to a social gathering, which he does not do with her co-workers.
Amanda Nelson
Quality Management: Signing Off on a Substandard Product
A quality engineer has concerns about a product failing under extreme conditions, but her bosses tell her to push the product through to production.
Noah Rickling
The Ethical Dilemma of BYOD
As people increasingly bring their own (mostly mobile) devices into the workplace, and use them for both personal and professional activities, new challenges arise--for the employees as well as their employers. Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of VMware, discusses some of the implications of BYOD for data security and personal privacy.
Pat Gelsiger
The Disconnect: Accountability and Consequences Online
A discussion of the breakdown among responsibility, accountability, and consequences in the online world, as demonstrated by some digital media coverage.
Stephen Luczo
Proposition 34 and the Ethics of Capital Punishment in California (podcast)
SCU Philosophy Professor Lawrence Nelson debates SCU Law Professor Ellen Kreitzberg.
Professor Ellen Kreitzberg, Professor Lawrence Ne
Too Close for Comfort
Conflicts of interest for a nonprofit organization
Kirk O. Hanson
Risks of Multi-tasking - Governance, Integrity, and Effectiveness

F. Daniel Siciliano, Stanford School of Law and Di
Assessing for Ethics
Dan Pracher, business development manager for Development Dimensions International, explores how to hire employees who mesh with the ethical culture of the organization.
Anne Federwisch
Employee Loyalty
A company founder talks about employee loyalty in boom times.
an interview with Cheryl Breetwor
Blurred Lines
What is company time?
an interview with a Young Entrepreneur
Hurry, Hurry
The role of rushing in ethical lapses.
an interview with Gina Pastega
Vendor as Investor
Using credit with vendors as an investment in a start-up.
an interview with Bob Lorenzini
Guilt (and Reliability) by Association
An angel investor talks about reputation.
an interview with Audrey MacLean
When Good People Do Bad Things at Work
Rote behavior, distractions, and moral exclusion stymie ethical behavior on the job. Discusses Ford Pinto case.
Dennis J. Moberg
The Case of Bad News
The new CEO of a corporation learns that he has inherited problems with growth and profitability. A four-day workweek and, eventually, layoffs prove necessary. Who is the CEO obligated to inform and when?
Gil Amelio
The Case of Due Diligence
How ethics can guide the conduct of a brokerage firm rewarding sales representatives with trips for the sale of a particular fund.
Thomas Shanks
Nutritional Foods
A company confronts the possibility that its product is causing illness.
Kirk O. Hanson
How Trust is Achieved in Free Markets
A free-market approach to establishing reliability.
Daniel B. Klein
The Performance Appraisal
How much should age and longevity with the company count in making lay-off decisions?
Thomas Shanks