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Can a Business Have a Conscience?
Manuel Velasquez, Dirksen Professor of Business Ethics at SCU, discusses the moral responsibility of corporations.
Brian Green
The Conscience Project
Articles and podcasts from a series of talks exploring conscience in fields from business to health care
Catholicism and Conscience
Historical background plus a focus on 4 areas: contraception, health care, politics, and war
Brian Patrick Green
Conscience and Authority
The human tendency to obey authority even when authority is wrong.
Velasquez, Andre, et al
Conscience in Catholicism: Rights, Responsibilities, and Institutional Policies
Summary of a 2014 conference
Brian Green
Fostering Conscience and Moral Character through Classroom Teaching
Darcia Narvaez, director of the Collaborative for Ethical Education at Notre Dame University, discusses how character education forms conscience.
Brian Green
Conscience, Edward Snowden, and the Internet
David DeCosse, director of Campus Ethics, and Irina Raicu, director of Internet Ethics, explore whether Edward Snowden's actions constituted civil disobedience.
Brian Green
Women Speak for Themselves: Conscience and the New Catholic Feminism
Summary of a talk by Helen Alvare, professor of law at George Mason University, on the controversy between the HHS contraceptive coverage mandate and appeals to stop the mandate in the name of religious freedom and conscience.
Brian Green
A Story of Conscience and its Consequences
Summary of a talk by Roy Bourgeois, laicized Maryknoll Catholic priest, on how conscience eventually led to his dismissal from the priesthood for advocating for the ordination of women.
Brian Green
Is Biological Evolution Compatible With a Moral Conscience?
Summary of a talk by Francisco Ayala arguing that evolution makes humans capable of having a conscience.
Brian Green
Is Biological Evolution Compatible With a Moral Conscience? (Podcast)
Biologist and philosopher Francisco Ayala addresses the question, Can we still retain a notion of moral conscience in the face of the findings and claims of evolutionary biology?
Francisco Ayala
Stem Cells, Cloning, and the Conscience of a Nation
William Hurlbut of Stanford University discusses ethical issues surrounding new stem cell technologies and human cloning.
Brian Green
Robot Morality: Can a Machine Have a Conscience
George Lucas of the Naval Postgraduate School discusses the ethics of giving autonomous military robots the authority to kill
Brian Green
Catholic Heroes of Conscience (Podcast)
Catherine Wolff shares from her new book, Not Less Than Everything, which features stories of Catholics who appealed to conscience.
Catherine Wolff