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End-of-Life Decision Making

Value of Life: Is It Ethical to Consider the Cost of Treatment in Medical Decision Making?
The role of financial burden in ethical decision making
Margaret R. McLean
Medical Decision Making for Publicly Conserved Individuals: Policy Recommendations
Analysis of problems confronting public guardians making end-of-life care decisions.
Theresa Drought
Assisted Suicide: A Right or a Wrong?
An examination of the ethical issues in physician-assisted death.
Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez
Tough Talk: Finding the Words for Living With Loss
Guidelines for discussion of end-of-life issues.
Dale G. Larson
Caring to the End
Ethics for caregivers.
William C. Spohn
Law of Advanced Directives
Legal Documents Can Ease End-of-Life Decisions
Karen Markus
Confronting the Ultimate Questions
Advance Directives give patients a voice when they can't speak for themselves.
Margaret McLean
Confronting the End of Life
A health care ethics intern discusses the impact of her experience working in hospital and hospice settings.
Liz Connelly
The Cost of Dying and Moral Choices at the End of Life
Podcast of a talk on the ethics of end-of-life decision making
Lisa Krieger
Keeping Track of Mom: Motion Sensor-Based Monitoring
Ethical challenges in using motion sensor-based technology to monitor the elderly
Courtenay Bruce
Organ Transplantation: Protecting Donor Dignity
An exploration of organ transplantation after cardiac death
Margaret R. McLean
Palliative Care: An Ethical Obligation
SCU senior honors thesis argues that the principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence require that hospitals, in addition to clinicians, offer palliative care
Stephanie C. Paulus
Conflicts in Physician-Patient Relationships
Chair of the President's Council on Bioethics Edmund Pellegrino discusses the conflicts that can arise between patient autonomy and the personal beliefs of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists
Miriam Schulman
Introduction to Culturally Competent Care
Background on how cultural differences affect the provision of care in a clinical setting
Karen Peterson-Iyer
Culturally Competent Care for Muslim Patients: Introduction to Cases and Reflections
Background on the specific ethical issues involved in providing culturally competent care to Muslim patients.
Karen Peterson-Iyer
Persistent Indeterminate State: Reflections on the Wendland Case
One of the lawyers in this precedent-setting end-of-life case discusses who should make decisions for incompetent patients.
Lawrence J. Nelson
Reluctant Realism
Research on attitudes toward end-of-life issues in the San Jose Hispanic community.
Margaret R. McLean and Margaret A. Graham
Aid in Dying
A discussion of physician-assisted death.
Michael J. Meyer