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Fostering Conscience and Moral Character in the Classroom

Darcia Narvaez, professor of psychology and director, Collaboration for Ethical Education, University of Notre Dame, spoke at Santa Clara University on March 12th about conscience and the classroom. The focus was on an approach called "The Common Morality Model," for integrative ethical education. Highlights included:

  • * Qualifications of those with "ethical expertise"
  • * Ethical sensitivity skills for students
  • * Establishing caring relationships with students and a caring   classroom community
  • * Teaching through the apprenticeship approach
  • * Self-monitoring of ethical skills development

Presentation: Slides

The presentation was part of "The Project on Conscience in Roman Catholic Thought," a series of talks exploring inner morals in the face of contemporary challenges, sponsored by The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and funded in part through the generosity of Phyllis and Mike Shea.

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