Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Character Education Programs Expand

Success Camp
Children who have been placed in the Santa Clara County foster care system will have the opportunity to attend a three-day Success Camp developed by the Ethics Center's Character Educa-tion program for the Santa Clara County Office of Education. The camp will use literature as a jumping off point for discussions of what young people need to be successful.

Project Fail-Safe
Every year, about 100 youngsters in Santa Clara County who have been expelled from school are also unable to manage placements in various alternative programs because of serious problems, usually behavioral. The Ethics Center is helping to develop a fail-safe program for these youngsters including school, mental health, and recreational services. Part of the comprehensive project would include the Center's Character-Based Literacy Program.

New Support
The Character Education Program has recently received major grants from the Daniels Fund for expansion in Orange County and from Verity, Inc. for expansion in the Santa Clara Valley.

January 7, 2005