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Welcome to this carbon footprint calculator created by Santa Clara University students Samantha Juda '13, Christina Lesnick '13 and Tim Vierengel '13.The Gang, as they came to be known, began work on this calculator while studying as first-year students with Professor Sherry Booth of the SCU English Department and the Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project program. The Gang then won an Environmental Ethics Fellowship at the Markkula Center at Applied Ethics and, for the '10-'11 academic year, worked as fellows to brainstorm, create, design, and complete the calculator. Lindsey Cromwell Kalkbrenner, the Director of SCU's Office of Sustainability, provided invaluable assistance. So, too, did tech whiz Antony Setiawan, a grad student in Information Systems at SCU without whose creative and diligent help the project could never have been completed. The Environmental Ethics Fellowship is supported by a gift from John Casey, whose generosity and commitment to creating a better world have been great inspirations behind this project.

Samantha Juda, SCU ‘13

"Live simply so that others may simply live." – Mahatma Gandhi

My name is Samantha Juda and I am a communication and environmental studies double major at Santa Clara University. I am originally from the small town of Sedona, Arizona, which is the main reason why I love our earth. The mountains around my house showed me how truly wonderful the environment is, and made sustainability important to me at a young age – as my brother and I used to spend hours exploring in the wilderness. The communications side of me combined with my environmentalist point of view leads me to an interest in Environmental Journalism – especially magazine design, and I plan to work for an environmental magazine. Using my experience being design editor and a photographer for The Santa Clara (the school’s newspaper), I helped design our calculator - which I hope you enjoy. Of course, I also helped Christina and Tim with the research for the project. Together we made many important decisions of what to include for you, all in the process of creating the most accurate carbon calculator for the life of a Santa Clara Bronco. When I’m not busy working for the school paper, or doing homework, I enjoy training for triathlons, being outside, watching movies, traveling, and hanging out with my friends.

Current Bronco Hoofprint: 20,509.73 kgCO2e

Christina Lesnick, SCU ‘13

“for we will not fight to save what we do not love”
-Stephen Jay Gould

My name’s Christina Lesnick and I am currently a sophomore computer science major from Hollister, California. I wanted to get involved in this project because it incorporated my two loves: math and mother nature. When I’m not crunching numbers, I can be found around campus living the life of an over-stressed, sleep-deprived college student. So here are a few interesting facts about me:

Although a proponent for sustainability I still have my moments of weakness when it comes to hunting down a compost bin (truthfully interesting).

I was a SLURPer my freshman year and loved it (VERY interesting).

In my free time I practice yoga, ice skate, rock climb, and jog (moderately interesting).

Nicholas Cage is too a good actor (controversially interesting).

But in all seriousness I hope that the calculator captures your life as a college student and makes you aware of the impact of your choices. This project has allowed me to fight to save what I love.

Current Bronco Hoofprint: 7563.639 kg CO2e/school year

Tim Vierengel, SCU ‘13

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.       
  - Peter Marshall

My name is Tim Vierengel and I am a sophomore history and economics double major at Santa Clara University. I am originally from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, but have spent a considerable portion of my life on the west coast in the East Bay. As a child my dad would always keep my siblings and I outdoors by taking us fishing and camping whenever he possibly could. This has allowed me to enjoy the wonders of the wilderness throughout my life, and is the main reason I am working toward keeping it clean and beautiful. Playing sports as a child also contributed to my daily outdoor routine, and I have continued playing sports to this day, as I am a collegiate rugby player for Division I Santa Clara Men’s Rugby. I fill my free time by just hanging out with all my friends and occasionally day trading in the stock market. As for my participation in this project I was responsible for the research portions, putting my history major to good use, and occasionally helped Christina with the conversions. No one group member was responsible for all the big decisions on what to include and exclude. We started and finished the project as a team. 

Current Bronco Hoofprint: 22,411 kgCO2e