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Global Ethical Leadership

What does it mean to exercise moral leadership on the global stage? The Global Leadership and Ethics Program at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics invited three scholars to a panel discussion on this question May 6, 2004. Links to their presentations appear below:

The Difficulties of Being a Moral Leader in an Unjust World
Jim Sterba, professor of philosophy, University of Notre Dame

A real moral leader will hold us to an agenda that demands ridding the world of all important injustices, particularly those from which we benefit.

The Role of Religion in Global Ethical Leadership
Eric Hanson, professor of political science, Santa Clara University

Religious leaders can serve as primary ethical brokers for their societies; that is, individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, or coalitions of organizations which are recognized by the majority of a society to be articulating the primary ethical concerns of that society.

The Problem of Global Moral Leadership
Jiri Toman, professor of law, Santa Clara University

A lawyer looks at the issues through the lens of comparative constitutional law.

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