Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Government Ethics Articles

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers articles, cases, and other material on a variety of topics in government ethics. Original research, transcripts of presentations, and commentary by staff, scholars, and participants in the Public Sector Roundtable are available. Resources can be accessed by using these category links or, for more specific subjects, by using the site search feature above.

General Topics in Government Ethics: Unavoidable ethical dilemmas, codes of ethics, and leadership

Campaigns and Elections: Campaign finance, contribution irregularities, hit pieces, and attack ads

Conflicts of Interest and Undue Influence: Lobbying, favoritism, financial and other interests

Gifts and Bribes: Quid pro quo arrangements and political perks

Transparency: Open meetings, sunshine laws, the Brown Act

Professional Ethics for Public Officials: Civility, councilmanic interference, and the personal lives of public officials

Budgeting as a Reflection of Values: Weighing public goods, pension reform, auditing, redevelopment

Zoning: Marijuana dispensaries, religious institutions, big box retailers

Government and Media: Relations with reporters, social media, leaking, whistleblowing