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Ethics in a Post-RDA California

August 3, 2012 Public Sector Roundtable

A major challenge facing California cities and counties is what to do now that the Redevelopment Agencies (RDAs), which provided funds for local governments to reduce blight, have been dismantled by the state. The summer 2012 meeting of the Public Sector Roundtable explored the ethical issues that have arisen from the demise of RDAs. Speakers were Richard Keit, managing director of the Successor Agency to the San Jose Redevelopment Agency, and Bert Robinson, managing editor for content of the Bay Area News Group.

Meeting Summary

Videos from the Meeting

San Jose: Moving Ahead Without Redevelopment Money
Richard Keit and Judy Nadler

Impact of Redevelopment on Downtown San Jose
Bert Robinson and Judy Nadler


Timm Borden Cupertino
Amy Brown Campbell City Manager
David Casas Los Altos
Jennifer Dirking MCAE
Kevin Duggan ICMA
Kirk Hanson MCAE
Richard Keit San Jose
Bill Kelly Santa Clara Fire Chief
Alan Kurotori Santa Clara
Mark Linder Cupertino
Susan Lucas SCU
Michael Martello Sunnyvale
Raania Mohsen Santa Clara County Cities Association
Judy Nadler MCAE
Pierluigi Oliverio San Jose
Joe Pirzynski Los Gatos
Judith Propp Los Gatos
Bert Robinson San Jose Mercury News
Miriam Schulman MCAE
Jennifer Sparacino Santa Clara (retired)
Jessica Stanfill Mullin League of California Cities
Steve Tate Morgan Hill

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