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Transparency, Trust, and Campaign Finance

October 5, 2012, Public Sector Roundtable

Since the Supreme Court's Citizen's United Decision, spending on campaigns--particularly anonymous spending--has grown enormously. The Public Sector Roundtable hosted Ann Ravel, chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission for a discussion about transparency in campaign finance, as well as other areas regulated by the FPPC.

Meeting Summary
Podcast of Ann Ravel's Talk


Jason Baker, Campbell
Joanne Benjamin, Consultant
David Casas, Los Altos
Jim Davis, Sunnyvale
Jennifer Dirking, MCAE
David Ginsborg, Santa Clara County
Pedro Gonazlez, South San Francisco
Kirk Hanson, MCAE
Michael Kasperzak, Mountain View
Bill Kelly, Santa Clara
Mark Linder, Cupertino
Jon Maginot, Los Altos
Diane McNutt, Los Gatos
Russ Melton, Sunnyvale
Raania Mohsen, Santa Clara County Cities Association
Jerry Nadler, Superior Court Judge
Judy Nadler, MCAE
Pierluigi Oliverio, San Jose
Joe Pirzynski, Los Gatos
Judith Propp, Los Gatos
Irina Raicu, MCAE
Ann Ravel, Fair Political Practices Commission
Grace Schmidt, Cupertino
Miriam Schulman, MCAE
Marcia Somers, Los Altos
Jennifer Sparacino, Santa Clara
Steve Tate, Morgan Hill
Mazarin Vakharia, Los Gatos

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