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May 21, 2010 Public Sector Roundtable

How aggressively should a public entity fight lawsuits? A discussion of how to balance the ethical issues of justice and stewardship was the highlight of the May 21 Public Sector Roundtable, a meeting of local public officials and Ethics Center staff.

  • Gregory Call, esq.
  • Julia Damasco, esq.
  • Jeffrey Hare, esq.

    What We Learned

    Summary of the Discussion
    Ethics Hotspots


    Valerie Armento, Esq.
    Jason Baker
    Winifred Botha, Esq.
    Chief Greg Finch
    Nora Frimann, Esq.
    Karen Gorman
    Renee Gurza
    Melinda Hamilton
    Kirk Hanson
    Lisa Herrick, Esq.
    Corey McCarthy
    Jamie McLeod
    Raania Mohsen
    Judy Nadler
    Scott Pinsky, Esq.
    Asa Pittman, Esq.
    Carlos Privet Esq.
    Jannie Quinn, Esq.
    Dan Rich
    Nicholas Santos, S.J.
    Shannon Smyth-Mendoza Esq.
    Daniel Solomon
    Maggie Stern, Esq.

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