Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Managing Government Ethics in a Digital World

(L-R: Jason Baker, Irina Raicu, and David Vossbrink)

The overriding theme from the Ethics Center's January 31, 2014, Public Sector Roundtable, "Managing Government Ethics in a Digital World," was paradox. Government officials have a multitude of ways to communicate with constituents, but this is proving to be a double edge "digital sword." Ethical dilemmas and issues of transparency, accountability, and authenticity, were the focus for panelists Jason Baker, councilmember, city of Campbell; Irina Raicu, director of Internet ethics, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics; and David Vossbrink, director of communications, city of San Jose. Center Assistant Director Miriam Schulman moderated.

Meeting Summary

Social Media and Ethics: The Challenges for Government (video)


  1. Valerie Armento - Special Counsel, East Palo Alto
  2. David Casas - Government Relations
  3. Connie Cochran - Public Information Officer, Stockton
  4. Jim Davis - Vice Mayor, Sunnyvale
  5. Rod Diridon, Jr. - City Clerk and Auditor, Santa Clara
  6. Gaurav Garg - Director of Information Technology/CIO, Santa Clara
  7. David Ginsborg - Deputy to the Assessor, Santa Clara County
  8. Renee Gurza - City Attorney, Morgan Hill
  9. Raania Mohsen - Executive Director, Cities Association of Santa Clara County
  10. Pierluigi Oliverio - Councilmember, San Jose
  11. Teresa O'Neill - Councilmember, Santa Clara
  12. Joe Pirzynski - Councilmember, Los Gatos
  13. Erica Ray - Public Information Coordinator, Los Altos
  14. Steve Rymer - City Manager, Morgan Hill
  15. Rod Sinks - Vice Mayor, Cupertino
  16. Marcia Somers - City Manager, Los Altos
  17. Jennifer Sparacino - City Manager, Santa Clara (Retired)
  18. Steve Tate - Mayor, Morgan Hill


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