Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Public Sector Roundtable Ethics Hot Spots, Nov. 2009

The following are general ethical issues raised by participants in the Nov. 2009 Government Ethics Roundtable for Local Officials:

  1. Is legislative leader responsible for ethics of all the members of legislative or city council?
  2. Can a city council or legislative body have a set of values-or just a code for ethics compliance?
  3. Is there a barrier to a council member doing favor or providing information or help?
  4. Should a city or other entity ban file sharing software on employee computers?
  5. What do you do about a city council member who violates confidentiality of closed session?
  6. Should a member give his or her opinion before public hearing? What if they have pronounced in their election to support a specific decision? Is that unethical not to listen to facts?
  7. Is it a conflict of interest for a student officer to give out money to organizations he has joined?

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