Markkula Center of Applied Ethics


August 6, 2010 Public Sector Roundtable

Pension costs are going up for cities everywhere at the same time as cities face shrinking budgets. The resulting crisis was the topic of the August 6, 2010 Public Sector Roundtable, a meeting of local public officials and Ethics Center staff.

  • Judy Nadler, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
  • Jay Goldstone, San Diego COO
  • Alex Gurza, San Jose Director of Employee Relations
  • Dan Rich, Campbell City Manager

    What We Learned

    A Framework for Thinking Ethically About Government Pensions
    Ethics Hotspots


    Nellie Ancel, Fremont Senior Deputy Attorney
    Gary Baum, Palo Alto City Attorney
    Joan Borger, Fremont Assistant City Attorney
    Liz Brown, Santa Clara Director of Human Resources
    Patrick Burt, Palo Alto Mayor
    Brian Doyle, San Jose Senior Deputy City Attorney
    Rick Doyle, San Jose City Attorney
    Dan Furtado, Campbell Council Member
    David Ginsborg, Santa Clara County Deputy to the Assessor
    Beau Goldie, Santa Clara Valley Water District CEO
    Antonio Guerra, San Jose Budget and Policy Analyst
    John Guthrie, Santa Clara County Finance
    Melinda Hamilton, Sunnyvale Mayor
    Kirk Hanson, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
    Emily Harrison, Santa Clara Deputy County Executive
    Barbara Jordan, San Jose Senior Deputy City Attorney
    David Knapp, Cupertino City Manager
    Gary Luebbers, Sunnyvale City Manager
    Fr. Tony Mancuso, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
    Laura Miyakawa, Cupertino City Human Resources
    Raania Mohsen, Santa Clara County Cities Association
    Joe Pirzynski, Los Gatos Council Member
    Rumi Portillo, Los Gatos Human Resources Director
    Fr. Nicky Santos, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
    Megan Satterlee, Los Altos Council Member
    Jennifer Sparacino, Santa Clara City Manager
    Steve Tate, Morgan Hill Mayor
    Jamie Matthews, Santa Clara Council Member
    Oliverio Pierluigi, San Jose Council Member
    Wynne Furth, Atherton Town City Attorney

    Ethics Hotspots

    - Reforming California PERS how can we influence the legislators?
    - Medical marihuana
    - Structural financial problems or extraordinary fiscal crisis.
      How do we discern one from the other?
    - Other solutions to structural deficit. E.g. Shared services?
    - OPEB liabilities with key focus on funding options and future costs
    - What are the "restrictors" for the public servant to the public servants?
      And what needs to happen to unbind the public servant?
    - Regionalization for provision and services e.g. San Carlos contracting
      for fire, police maintenance
    - Are small jurisdictions going to disappear?
    - Do a similar program in one year to evaluate progress made

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