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Social Media: Possibilities and Challenges for Local Governments

Nov. 20, 2009 Public Sector Roundtable

A dialogue to surface ways that media such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs can improve public dialogue, as well as possible ethical pitfalls they may present. Representatives from Seattle and San Jose described their cities' efforts to draft social media policies.


From the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission

  • Wayne Barnett, executive director
  • Kate Flack, investigator/advisor

    From the city of San Jose

  • Lisa Herrick, senior deputy city attorney
  • Tom Manheim, communications director
  • Tom Norris, public records manager

    What We Learned

    Ethics Hotspots
    Web 1 and 2: Ethical Issues for Government Officials


    David Casas
    Dean Chu
    David Ginsborg
    Melinda Hamilton
    Kirk Hanson
    Will Kennedy
    Susan Kitchens
    David Knapp
    Jamie Matthews
    Diane McNutt
    Raania Mohsen
    Judy Nadler
    Jort Possel
    Hugo Raaijmkers
    Chad Raphael
    Nicholas Santos, SJ
    Megan Satterlee
    Jurgen Snoeren
    Daniel Solomon
    Rosalie Urselmann
    Nikhil Warrior

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