Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Bio And Medical Ethics Articles

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers articles, cases, and other material on a variety of topics in medical ethics, health care ethics, and biotechnology ethics. Original research, transcripts of presentations, and commentary by staff and scholars are available. Resources can be accessed by using these category links or, for more specific subjects, by using the site search feature above.

Medical Ethics

End-of-Life Care: decision making, advance directives, durable power of attorney for health care, medically ineffective treatment, assisted suicide, Schiavo, etc.

Public Health Policy: Access, infrastructure, bioterrorism, pandemics, etc.

Culturally Competent Medical Care: cases, commentary, and articles on cross-cultural medicine

General Medical Ethics: Organ donation, steroid use, etc.

Biotechnology Ethics

Genetics: genetic testing, genetically modified organisms and food, etc.

Cloning: stem cells, human cloning, etc.

General Biotechnology Ethics: neuroethics, politics and science, xenotransplantation, etc.