Markkula Center of Applied Ethics



  The Schiavo Case and the Future of Ethics at the End of Life
Gerald Coleman, S.S. and Lawrence J. Nelson


Persistent Indeterminate State: Reflections on the Wendland Case
Lawrence J. Nelson


Tough Talk: Finding the Words for Living With Loss
Dale G. Larson


Last Things
Issues in Ethics, v14n1


Reluctant Realism
Margaret R. McLean and Margaret A. Graham


The Bargain
Miriam Schulman


A Blanket of Peace
Maliheh Movassat


Caring to the End
William C. Spohn


Does Old Age Make Suicide Ethical?
Rob Elder


The Law of Advanced Directives
Karen Markus


Aid in Dying
Michael J. Meyer


Confronting the Ultimate Questions
Margaret McLean


Life and Death With Dignity: Editor's Note
Miriam Schulman


The Depressed Patient
Melinda Lee, M.D.


Life and Death and the Applied Ethics Center at O'Connor
Margaret R. McLean, Ph.D.


Assisted Suicide: A Right or a Wrong?
Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez


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