Markkula Center of Applied Ethics


New technologies alter the structure of our interests: the things we think about. They alter the character of our symbols: the things we think with. And they alter the nature of community: the arena in which thoughts develop (Neil Postman, Technopoly, 1993, p. 20).

We do not really understand how to live in cyberspace yet. We are feeling our way into it, blundering about. That is not surprising. Our lives in the physical world, the 'real' world, are also far from perfect, despite a lot more practice. Human lives, real lives, are imperfect by their nature, and there are human beings in cyberspace. The way we live in cyberspace is a funhouse mirror of the way we live in the real world. We take both our advantages and our troubles with us (Author unknown).


This report concerns sexually-explicit material on the World Wide Web. For educational and explanatory purposes, we have had to include a limited amount of material some may find offensive. In the text, we alert you that such material is upcoming. Look for the WARNING in bold caps.

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