Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Programs in Government Ethics and Ethical Leadership (2002-03)

Building on a long history of work with city, county, and state officials, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers training in government ethics and ethical leadership, including the management of campaigns. Presentations on public policy issues, classes for undergraduates, and consultations with individual municipalities combine to produce a rounded program.

New Initiatives

Creation of Senior Fellowship
Former Santa Clara Mayor Judy Nadler was appointed the Center's first senior fellow in Government Ethics in 2002-03.

Public Lectures on Government Ethics
A panel discussion February 7, 2003, on the ethical dimensions of the California state budget crisis featured Joe Simitian, member of the State Assembly from Palo Alto; Judy Nadler, Elsa Chen, SCU political science professor; and Deborah Garvey, SCU economics professor. In May 2003, the Center sponsored "Private Lives, Public Coverage: How Much Do We Need to Know?" a discussion of the personal privacy of elected officials with Clark Hoyt, Washington editor for Knight Ridder, and Tom Feidler, executive editor of the Miami Herald.

Conversations on Freedom
A public forum co-sponsored with the San Jose Mercury News, the American Leadership Forum, the Community Foundation of Silicon Valley, and the Silicon Valley Library System, Conversations on Freedom piloted May 1, 2003 with "What Freedom Means to You."

Ongoing Programs

City of Santa Clara Ethics and Values Program
In 1999, the Ethics Center began work with the city of Santa Clara to develop a Code of Ethics and Values, which was adopted in April 2000. Follow-up has included training for city employees, management, council members, and commissioners.

City of Santa Clara Program on Infusing Political Campaigns with Community Ethics and Values
Center scholar Thomas Shanks assisted the city of Santa Clara in developing a campaign ethics program, which focuses on running ethical and issues-based campaigns for elective office. This innovative program won the League of California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence in 2002.

Classes in Government Ethics Taught by Center Staff
Internship in Local Government
Politics, Ethics, and the Media


Judy Nadler, senior fellow, government ethics and ethical leadership
Thomas Shanks, scholar, professor of communication
Kirk O. Hanson, executive director