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Stem Cells, Moral Status, and California Proposition 71

Gerald D. Coleman, SS, professor of moral theology at St. Patrick's Seminary, and Lawrence Nelson, Santa Clara University lecturer in philosophy discussed "Stem Cells, Moral Status, and California Proposition 71, October 13, at a panel sponsored by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Margaret McLean, Center director of biotechnology and health care ethics, moderated.

The event explored the controversy over the ethical implications of stem cell research and considered such questions as:

  • Does the human embryo have the same moral status as a full human being?

  • What is the moral significance of the possibilities for curing disease that may come from research using human embryonic stem cells?

  • What are California voters to make of the multi-billion dollar initiative known as Proposition 71 that supports stem cell research and that is on the ballot on November 2?

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