Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

SCU Law Review - Volume 36, Number 2

Ethics, Public Policy, and the Future of the Family
I. Introduction

  1. Morality, Public Policy and the Family:The Role of Marriage and the Public/Private Divide
    June Carbone

II. Keynote Addresses

  1. The Nature of Dependencies and Welfare "Reform"
    Martha Fineman

  2. Public Morality and Public Policy: The Case of Children and Family Policy
    William A. Galston

III. Papers

  1. Family Change and Welfare Reform
    Jane Mauldon

  2. Family Values, Race, Feminism and Public Policy
    Twila L. Perry

  3. The Deliberate Construction of Families Without Fathers: Is It an Option for Lesbian and Heterosexual Mothers?
    Nancy D. Polikoff

  4. Many Mothers, Many Fathers: The Meaning of Parenting Around the World
    Nicole L. Sault

  5. Family Virtues and the Common Good
    Michael J. Meyer

  6. The Politics of Family Structure
    Arlene Skolnik

  7. The State of the Family and the Family Policy Debate
    David Blankenhorn

  8. Attachment 101 for Attorneys: Implications for Infant Placement Decisions
    Eleanor Willemsen and Kristen Marcel

  9. A Review of Martha Fineman's The Neutered Mother, the Sexual Family, and Other Twentieth Century Tragedies: She Threw Out the Baby with the Old Feminism
    A Review Essay by Eleanor Willemsen and Michael Willemsen

These papers are taken from the symposium "Ethics, Public Policy, and the Future of the Family" that took place in April, 1995 at Santa Clara University. Cosponsers were Santa Clara University School of Law and the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. As symposium papers, not law review articles, the authors accept sole responsibility for the substantive accuracy of their papaers. Any unsubstaintaited statements made are the authors alone. The views expressed by the sympoisium contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of Santa Clara Law Review, its editors, or the School of Law.