Santa Clara University

Engineers Without Borders


Currently our project managers are working in the following areas:

Community Outreach Team

The main goal of the Community Outreach Team is to make EWB - SCU's name more well known and broaden our relationship network with organizations and companies in the area. By expanding our connections both on and off campus, we hope to form meaningful relationships with groups who share similar ideals to our club. We hope to work with these groups for mutual benefit, so that we can expand our efforts and help those who are working toward similar goals.

Logistics Team

The logistics team functions as a way to take the burden of many logistical and organizational tasks off of the officers and project managers. The logistics team anticipates logistical and organizational problems, solidifies organizational methods between groups, and advices EWB-SCU on better organizational and logistical techniques. Some specific tasks include: setting up and maintaining a server to hold all of EWB's various files, teaching members good emailing and communication techniques, and organizing methods to record the hours all members work.  

Education Team

The education team is committed to inform the community about the importance of sanitation. The team is developing an education curriculum to implement in El Pital to teach the community about hygiene, sanitation, trash, and conservation. The team is striving to help generate the basis the community needs to be creative problem solvers.

Water Team

The water team has been overseeing the design of a gravity fed water distribution system in El Pital. It is the team's goal to create a sustainable system that the community can maintain and continue to utilize for many generations to come. The current community water system has substantial contamination and not enough hydraulic capacity to serve its recipients. A new system will both reduce water related illness as well as increase the overall health of the community and empower El Pital to continue to develop in a positive direction.

Sanitation Team

The Sanitation team is focused on delivering and educating the community of El Pital with the ultimate goal of improved santiation conditions in order to better the health of the people and of the environment. The Sanitation team is currently looking into the possibility of implementing composting toilets into El Pital in order to combat the current blackwater problem.