Santa Clara University

Business Manager's Meeting

Overview and Purpose

Business Managers from across campus meet three times a year to identify business issues affecting multiple departments and the best way to resolve them. 
Our goals as a group are to improve:
~ Communication: between department managers and across campus
~ Coordination: improve business processes to use resources more efficiently
~ Accountability: ensure achievable results are established 
~ Customer Focus: maintain focus on providing improved services to Students, Faculty and Staff

Upcoming meeting:

Thursday, October 1, 2015 - Academic Kick Off


Meeting Information


Date Presentation
February 2015 presentation
October 2014 presentation
June 2014 presentation
February 2014 presentation
October 2013 presentation
June 2013 presentation
February 2013 presentation
September 2012 presentation
June 2012 presentation
February 2012 presentation
September 2011 presentation
June 2011 presentation
February 2011 presentation