Santa Clara University

Phone List

University Finance Office   
Fong, Harry Associate VP of Finance 408-554-4398 email
Group Risk Administrator
Moses, Marguerete Administration 408-554-4397 email

Controller's Office   
Gatenby, Sarah Controller 408-554-4642 email
Accounts Payable
Chau, Khanh Supervisor 408-554-5497 email
Vacant PO & DPO's 408-554-5497 email
Chow, Shirley Quick Vouchers 408-554-6825 email
Vacant Student Assistant 408-554-6923
Systems Accounting   
Jain, Lori Systems Accounting Manager 408-554-6820 email
Sumoba,Ruben Business Analyst
408-551-1881 email
Tsao,Sarah Senior Accounting Assistant 408-554-2767
Sauter, Ramona

Accounting Manager - CPE, PM, Admin Offices

Business School, Endowment, Provost

408-554-2757 email
Chen, Jeannie Engineering School & Gifts 408-554-5471 email
Hamshari, Aida Law School & Adobe Lodge 408-554-5025 email
Than, Kim Facilities, Auxiliaries & Plant Fund 408-554-4664 email
Gaumont, Suzanne Arts and Sciences 408-554-6902 email

Yusuf, Suzanne
University Relations, OCM 408-554-4330
Vacant 408-554-5138

Administrative Services  
Travis, Nicholas
Property Management
408-554-4996 email
Ferrick, Linda Property Management 408-554-4104 email
Budget Office  
Roberts, Dennis Budget Director 408-554-5406 email
Benzel, Chad Budget Analyst 408-554-5410 email
Cajigas,David Budgets and Reporting 408-554-4519 email

Bursar's Office

 Burt, Denise Bursar 408-554-6900
Administrative and Financial Systems  
Meissner, Bill           408-551-1960 email
Madamanchi, Supriya,                408-551-1964 email
Hon, Jo                405-551-1967 email