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The Faculty-Staff Newsletter, e-mail edition
Santa Clara University, November 1, 2006, Vol. 7, No. 4

Small Tent, Big Issues

In her reflection during one of the tent tours she gave, sophomore Francesca McKenzie said, “We tend to not think about things here because we live in a bubble.” But the theatre arts and environmental studies major went on to note that although students might say that they don't know what's going on, it would have been difficult for them to ignore the tent in the middle of campus and the signs proclaiming: “Take action. Educate yourself. Stop the genocide.”

The whole experience helped promote a sense of solidarity with refugees, Smith said. “The mixture of doing the 1,000-calorie fast, hearing from people who have first-hand experience, hearing from people who are experts on the political situations and the religious situations, it makes for a holistic experience that I think has more of a chance of moving people toward action than just having words spewed out at them,” he said. “If you can’t get students off campus, it’s great to somehow bring the outside world onto campus.”