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Training Social Entrepreneurs


After 10 years of mastering the art of training and mentoring social entrepreneurs, the Center for Science, Technology, and Society  (CSTS) is taking its program online. Thanks to funding from the World Bank Development Marketplace, CSTS is creating GSBI Online, a new program that will enable a greater number of social entrepreneurs to benefit from the MBA-like training and mentoring of SCU’s highly successful Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI).
The pilot program will expand GSBI to an online format which:
*can be attended by social entrepreneurs who can’t travel or who are too early in their life cycle for the full-fledged GSBI program.
*will feature nine modules on business elements like mission, target market, value chain analysis, and financing strategies.
*will include mentoring by one Silicon Valley mentor and one local mentor, who volunteer their time to give feedback to the entrepreneurs. 
Social entrepreneurs are business-oriented organizations that seek to solve major social problems such as hunger or lack of power in developing countries.
GSBI Online will begin in May and initially will be open to up to 25 social entrepreneurs chosen through GSBI and the World Bank Development Marketplace. It is expected to continue in a pilot phase through 2013, sponsored by organizations seeking to provide additional capacity development and business-model support to select groups of social entrepreneurs.
More on the program can be found here.

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