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Making SCU Look Good

The SCU media relations team would like to thank the faculty and staff who are flexible with their time and help us meet the requests of reporters. A strong relationship with the media propels our reputation as a world-class university with articulate and respected leaders. We encourage you to reach out to us with your story ideas and areas of expertise if you would like to speak with reporters.

Outstanding Media Clips:

Nicholas Ladany (School of Education and Counseling Psychology) was interviewed by ABC the evening of the Sandy Hook school shooting about coping with the tragedy and how to speak to children about violence. He was also invited back for a talk show on the same topic airing Sunday, Feb 3.



Andy Tsay (OMIS) was quoted several times in the San Jose Mercury News explaining the supply-chain and manufacturing issues that affect Apple and other companies. Here is the latest article.


For more SCU media attention, see SCU in the News.

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