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Solar Bidding

The School of Engineering and Santa Clara University are putting the 2013 Solar Decathlon entry up for bid and giving the SCU community the first chance to call it home. The 1,050-square-foot Radiant House is a solar-powered, net-zero home designed and built by SCU students for the Department of Energy competition held last October.

“We’re extremely proud of the work our students put into this project, but unfortunately there is not enough room on campus for another Solar Decathlon entry,” says team advisor and SCU mechanical engineering Associate Professor Tim Hight. “Radiant House could make one lucky bidder a sustainable and beautiful home or office.”

The one bedroom, one bathroom home features a beautiful, wraparound bamboo Tiger deck, an innovative solar-racking system called Sunplanter, top-notch energy efficient appliances, as well as an impressive reputation. Dozens of media outlets covered the team’s journey to build the home that won first place in most of the international competition's engineering categories.

“Radiant House is a labor of love that we spent two years designing, building, and using to inspire others to live a more sustainable lifestyle,” says Brian Grau ’15. “We’d love to see it put to good use."

The home meets building codes and has been through permitting process in Santa Clara and Irvine, where the 2013 competition was held. The minimum bid is $250,000 and the buyer would be responsible for all transportation and assembly costs. If the home is not sold by Feb. 20, bidding will potentially open on eBay. To bid or request more information, contact Tim Hight at

Learn more about the Solar House here.

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