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What Happens When We Die?

What happens when we die? Is it the magical mystery tour? Nothing? Or something in between?

SCU Presents poses these questions in “HereAfterHere: A Self-guided Tour of Eternity” as part of SCU•Presents Arts for Social Justice and Visiting Artist Series March 28 to 30. The eclectic performance of original dance, theatre, music, and videos was created by self-described "director, choreographer, performer, teacher, and dreamer” Tandy Beal. Her work represents an array of religious, cultural, and historical views, without making any definitive conclusions about the afterlife.

"It opens the door to this astonishing event in our lives, and it's an invitation to simply rest in the question," Beal told Catalyst Magazine.

In conjunction with the performances, a series of panels and discussions will be held throughout the county, each with a distinguished group of speakers from various religions and fields of medicine, in order to broaden the discussion about this inevitable future step in all of our lives.

“We’re excited to invite the SCU community and beyond to explore this topic,” says SCU Presents Director Butch Coyne. “It’s core to our values here at Santa Clara and in the arts world to question and explore often difficult and complicated topics. The performance is as fascinating to the senses as it is to your conscience.”

“HereAfterHere” has three showings March 28 to 30 and tickets are $20 or $40. For more information, visit

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