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Educating the Whole Person on a Whole Level at Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University takes its mission statement seriously when it comes to educating the whole person. Not only do competence, conscience, and compassion apply to its students, but the three Cs also apply to faculty and staff. That’s why the university’s human resources department offers 70 to 80 professional and personal workshops to the campus community throughout the year.

The classes range from a variety of topics that address stress, communication, problem-solving skills, health, and self-improvement. You can learn how to manage people effectively or write the best business correspondence that gets the job done. Need help on interviewing for a job? No problem. Or how about putting the “happy” back in the holidays? There’s a class for that, too. And the best part – they’re free.

Charlie Ambelang is the assistant director of HR for organizational learning and leadership development. He and Cheryl Johnson, a trainer for HR professional development programs, identify the classes that are needed on campus and sometimes even teach the workshops themselves.

“We’re more than happy to have anyone from the university attend,” says Ambelang. “You can be in a managerial role and need some guidance or you can be a new employee, wanting to meet people. All faculty and staff are invited to our workshops.”

Ambelang also encourages anyone facing issues at work or at home to sign up for the workshops. But he points out that just attending a class isn’t enough.

“It’s not of any value to you until you practice your new skills. We really reinforce the fact that you have to apply the skills or you’re not going to get any benefit out of it,” he says.

Click here for a list of classes offered this fall.

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