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Weekend MBA Programs Eliminate Water Bottles

Alex Paulin, director of Weekend and International MBA Programs, noticed garbage cans filled to the brim with plastic water bottles after weekend classes. The Executive and Weekend Accelerated MBA programs are all inclusive, meaning students receive meals and snacks during class, in addition to coffee and beverages (including bottled water). Many program participants were taking two or more water bottles at a time—drinking one with their meal and then saving the remaining for later. Not only was Paulin seeing the waste build up, but purchasing bottled water was becoming more and more expensive.

Through collaboration with Dining Services by Bon Appétit, Paulin came up with a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution. He ordered reusable, red stainless steel water bottles, emblazoned with the SCU logo. When students begin the Executive or Weekend Accelerated MBA programs, they receive a backpack and other SCU gear. The water bottle was simply included with these items, so all new students received one. They were told that plastic water bottles would no longer be provided and instead encouraged to bring the stainless steel bottle with them to refill at refreshment stations. Paper cups are provided in case someone forgets their bottle, but Paulin said that rarely happens. Read more.

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