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Garden Design Party Gets Big Turnout

Straddling bales of hay and munching on organic snacks, nearly 70 students, faculty, and staff suggested ideas for Santa Clara’s community garden at a design party led by landscape architect Al Green. The Oct. 23 event kicked off a new academic year planning and planting at the now-empty space one block north of campus.

Volunteers with Americorps, along with other donated labor, will work throughout the next year to turn the plot of land at the corner of Sherman and Benton streets into a space suitable for outdoor classrooms, event space, and crop beds. Those involved hope the transformation will boost community involvement in sustainability and serve as an example to schools in the area who wish to start their own garden.

With a stopwatch around his neck, Green solicited design ideas, both big and small, from his audience. Green houses, outdoor kitchens, and a windmill were some of the more popular suggestions. The crowd agreed that enough space for planting needed to be set aside from the start. A path throughout the garden was also a must. Read more.

Watch a slideshow of the event.

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