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The launch of the car-sharing service Zipcar at Santa Clara University was featured in the San Jose Mercury News, KTVU, the Silicon Valley/ San Jose Business Journal, and other publications. Several stories quoted Lindsey Cromwell (Sustainability) on the benefits of the carbon-reducing service.

Santa Clara University was listed in The New York Times Education Life section, in a story on the National Survey of Student Engagement.

Kirk Hanson (Markkula Center) was quoted in an article in The Conference Board Review about where to draw the line on employee infractions from supply pilfering to espionage.

Meir Statman (finance) was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article warning investors not to think that just because the stock market is inefficient, that it’s easy to exploit those inefficiencies profitably.

Tim Healy (Engineering) talked to ABC7 about the wisdom of Google’s recent decision to enter the energy industry as a wholesaler.

Hersh Shefrin (finance) was quoted in a Money Magazine article that was picked up on Yahoo! Finance and elsewhere, about the dangers of both overconfidence and over-cautiousness in investors.

Emily Cervino (CEPI) was quoted in a Mercury News story about the persistent popularity of stock options in Silicon Valley.

Santa Clara University was featured in the Spanish language newspaper El Observador in its Dec. 11-17, 2009 edition on page 10. The coverage concerned the 13th annual presentation of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” and the recipients of the Santa Clara University’s Juan Diego Scholarship. SCU freshman Martha Perez and alum Guadalupe Hernandez were quoted in the article, and AnaMaria Pineda, R.S.M. (religious studies) was featured in a photo.

Ed McQuarrie (marketing) wrote an article for the Journal of Investing questioning the treasured wisdom that stocks always beat bonds and that over time they will surpass the rate of inflation handily.

Tom Plante (psychology) continued his regular blogging for Psychology Today’s online site, writing about tips, including the countercultural notion of being less narcissistic and unplugging a bit, to combat mental health troubles in youth.

The Global Social Benefit Incubator program of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society was promoted in several blogs including TechSoup, SocialEarth,, and The Social Entrepreneurship Exchange.

The spray-foam insulation features of the 3rd Place Solar Decathlon house were featured in a lengthy article in SprayFoam Magazine, quoting student Mikell Warms (Engineering).

Click here for a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

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