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Program Aims to Boost Sustainable Transportation

A recently started program at Santa Clara will give those who normally bike to the University some reprieve on rainy days. Bicycle commuters are now eligible to receive a daily parking pass for those days when inclement weather or other situations that require a car be driven to the campus. Cyclists can earn points toward the receipt of a daily parking pass, depending on the time of year.

After arriving at the University by bike, program participants will present their Bicycle Commuter card at the main gate or at Campus Safety to be validated. Commuters can receive one daily parking pass for every five validations through the end of March. Beginning in April and lasting through June, cyclists can receive one parking pass for every 10 validations.

The University’s Parking Auxiliary and Staff Senate sponsored the program. Both bodies believe it will encourage workers who live in the area to drive less without the fear of getting caught in bad weather. The program fits into broader sustainability goals drawn up by the University in recent years by reducing carbon emissions via fewer cars driven. Read more.

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