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Don't Miss Out on the Facebook Frenzy

Eric Hanson’s critiquing culture change and development. Fred Parrella’s theology of marriage. Russell Skowronek’s archaeology class. They’re some of the dozens of names of faculty and courses mentioned in a recent posting on Santa Clara University’s official Facebook page.

Alumni and current students are flocking to the social media site to weigh in on what they think is a must-take class. Some comments people are posting read:

“I was told that…I must take Theology of Marriage. I was SO glad I did…I learned so much about being in love.”

“Professor Dohar was the…best teacher I think I ever had.”

“Art History!!! I probably would have changed my major if I had taken the classes earlier. Loved it!”

Social media websites like Facebook are helping to get the word out about SCU’s excellence in academics, the benefits of becoming a Bronco, and everyday news and events related to the University.

See for yourself by logging onto Facebook and becoming a fan of Santa Clara University. Be a part of the phenomenon and the conversations that are happening every day online.

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