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Reaching Out to the Class of 2014 on Facebook

The conversation on Santa Clara University’s Facebook page this past week was all about Preview Days and RLCs. Students admitted to the Class of 2014 were full of questions about Santa Clara and the all-important questions of “Where will I live?” and “Who will I live with?” Another theme: Requirements of the different SCU Residential Learning Communities.

Several alumni weighed in. Jenny Krapf said, “I really liked Casa Italiana. It was suite style and I know someone who lives there and they said it is really nice.” Carey De Angelis voted for Da Vinci!

Even more important the incoming class heard from people about why they should come to SCU. A big shout-out to Summer Mendoza who said, “Preview Day was the deciding factor for me when I was choosing between SCU and UC Berkeley. I got to talk to the heads of the departments I was interested in and many of the professors as opposed to random students.”

Social media websites like Facebook are helping to get the word out about SCU’s excellence in academics, the benefits of becoming a Bronco, and everyday news and events related to the University.

See for yourself by logging onto Facebook and becoming a fan of Santa Clara University. Be a part of the phenomenon and the conversations that are happening every day online.

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