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Tom Plante’s (Psychology) blog post on and article in Catholic San Francisco on the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal continued to spur hundreds of media outlets to seek out or run his commentary. He talked to The Toronto Star and others about a perceived increase in cases involving abused girls. He talked to Vancouver radio station CKNW about the subject, and to CNN International, ABC and National Post about the recently revived myth that homosexuality in priests is the problem. An AP story in which he was quoted, about how the Church seems to be moving faster to deal with allegations, ran in well over 200 papers or news web sites, including USA Today, the Washington Post, LA Times, and Omaha World-Herald.

Diane Dreher (English) wrote an oped about how the dire job market contains a hidden opportunity for graduates to explore their true calling and gifts. The oped has run in nearly a dozen papers, including the Sacramento Bee, the Miami Herald and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

A study co-authored by Ed McQuarrie (Marketing) in the Journal of Consumer Research, about the rationale behind consumers’ fascination with grotesque fashion ads, was picked up by Asian News International and ran in dozens of publications and sites worldwide, from to BombayNews.Net to Asian Lite.

A 2007 study by Terri Peretti (Political Science) about the history of Supreme Court judges with political experience, gained fresh prominence when the Washington Post’s George Will mentioned it in a syndicated. More than 60 publications or sites ran the story.

The Supreme Court’s acceptance of a case involving California’s ban on sales of violent video games to minors was discussed by Margaret Russell (Law) in the San Francisco Chronicle and by Bradley Joondeph (Law) in the San Jose Mercury News. About a dozen other papers and websites ran the stories as well. Joondeph also spoke to the National Journal about his predictions and rationale about who will be Obama’s pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

Fred Foldvary (Economics) talked to the Mercury News about how real estate prices seem to be bottoming out. Several other papers also ran the story.

Eric Goldman (Law) discussed numerous tech-law issues with reporters including the FTC’s view of bloggers receiving gifts (; Facebook’s partial victory in a click-fraud case (MediaPost); and a novel suit against Google over automatic search suggestions that pop up and suggest something undesirable about the person being searched. (TechWeb; InformationWeek;

Mario Belotti (Finance) talked to the San Francisco Chronicle about positive economic indicators and what could derail the trend.

Indian participants in SCU’s Global Social Benefit Incubator were featured in a story that ran in several India-focused online news sites, including Indian Express, Silicon India and Financial Express.

Judy Nadler (Markkula) spoke to the Mercury News about the impropriety of DA Dolores Carr, who is running for re-election, promoting herself on informational billboards. The story was picked up by several other papers. She also discussed a conflict-of-interest case involving a local coastal commissioner with the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Buford Barr (Marketing) talked to the Mercury News about Google’s enviable marketing position, and about the proliferation of convoluted company names.

Kevin Walsh (Management) was quoted in a Mercury News story about why Silicon Valley’s top companies showed stronger profits in the latest survey. Several other papers and finance-oriented web sites picked up the story.

NCIP’s review of a Vacaville killing made the news in a number of papers, including, the (Long Beach) Press-Telegram and (Vacaville) Reporter.

Meir Statman (Finance) co-wrote an article in the Journal of Investing, examining the finding that stocks of admired companies underperformed those of “spurned” companies.

A book by Gary Macy (Religious Studies) was noted in the Newsweek feature “What Would Mary Do?” Macy also was interviewed by BBC for a series “Banishing Eve,” about the history of women in the Church.

Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

***NOTE: Use EXTREME CAUTION before printing the linked information, as it will be dozens of pages!! ***

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