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Celebrating Earth Day on SCU's Facebook Page

The conversation on Santa Clara University’s Facebook page this past week centered around many different subjects and among them was Earth Day.

SCU asked the question: “Name three ways your life has gotten more earth friendly—Do you compost? Do you have a clothesline? Do you take shorter showers?” The answers showed that the SCU community takes sustainability very seriously.

A big shout out to SCU fan Sarah Cafaso who said, "I think globally and act locally: Franklin Square Saturday morning farmer’s market, biking instead of driving, and READING labels to know what I'm buying and where it's coming from. Happy Earth Day."

Social media websites like Facebook are helping to get the word out about SCU’s excellence in academics, the benefits of becoming a Bronco, and everyday news and events related to the University.

See for yourself by logging onto Facebook and “liking” Santa Clara University. Be a part of the phenomenon and the conversations that are happening every day online.

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