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New Solar Panels to Boost University's Renewable Energy Portfolio

Student tour guides at Santa Clara University often brag to prospective students about Silicon Valley’s 300-plus days of sunshine each year. School officials hoping to capitalize on that climatic characteristic recently gave the green light to installing new photovoltaic arrays on several University structures. The project is just another step in Santa Clara’s efforts to become climate neutral by the end of 2015.

The University is no stranger to solar. A 50-kilowatt photovoltaic system installed atop the main facilities building in 2007 is currently the largest renewable energy producer on campus. It is estimated that the 338-panel array reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 5,880 metric tons per year.

Santa Clara also gained notoriety in the field of solar power three years ago and again last year with consecutive third-place finishes in the national Solar Decathlon sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. Read more.

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