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Santa Clara University Welcomes New Faculty for 2010-11

Some 40 people joined Santa Clara University’s faculty this academic year. They gathered at the Jesuit Residence on Sept. 13 for a reception and dinner, which were attended by SCU President Michael Engh, S.J., School of Engineering Dean Godfrey Mungal, and Interim Provost Don Dodson, to name a few.

The new faculty members and their departments are:
Christopher Bacon, Assistant Professor – Environmental Studies
Frank Barone, Lecturer – Engineering Management
Olin Bjork, Lecturer – English
Justin Boren, Acting Assistant Professor – Communication
Ye Cai, Acting Assistant Professor – Finance
Socorro Castañeda-Liles, Acting Assistant Professor – Religious Studies
Alan Clinton, Lecturer – English
Chellana Dinsmore, Lecturer – Theatre and Dance
Melissa Donegan, Lecturer – English
Michael Flynn, Legal Analysis, Research and Writing Instructor – Law
Josh Hayes, Lecturer – Philosophy
Anthony Hazard, Postdoctoral Fellow – History
Julie Hughes, Lecturer – Art and Art History
Courtney Huizar, Legal Analysis, Research and Writing Instructor – Law
Sanjay Jain, Assistant Professor, Management
Christopher Kamrath, Lecturer – English
Sikandar Khatri, Postdoctoral Fellow – Civil Engineering
Michael King, Lecturer – English
Rita Kohli, Postdoctoral Fellow – Liberal Studies
Michael Lasley, Lecturer – English
Peter Lech, Lecturer – Classics
Lori Lee, Lecturer – Chemistry and Biochemistry
George Mohler, Assistant Professor – Mathematics and Computer Science
Courtney Mohler, Postdoctoral Fellow – Theatre and Dance
Tonya Nilsson, Lecturer – English
Lee Panich, Lecturer – Anthropology
Kim Parnell, Lecturer – Mechanical Engineering
Nikki Pope, Teaching Scholar – Law
Terrence Queenan, Lecturer – Education
Kirsten Read, Lecturer – Psychology
Michael Schadeck, Acting Assistant Professor – Education
Jason Schlude, Lecturer – Classics
Ravi Shanmugam, Assistant Professor – Marketing
Arunima Sinha, Acting Assistant Professor – Economics
Daniel Strickland, Assistant Professor – Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Turkeltaub, Assistant Professor – Classics
Jaume Villanueva, Acting Assistant Professor – Management
Juliet Wiersema, Lecturer – Art and Art History
Christina Zanfagna, Lecturer – Music


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